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Three VMware Innovations Key to Successful Digital Transformations

By Sumit Dhawan, VMware Chief Customer Experience Officer

I found VMworld to be an exciting and experience-packed event – thank you to the tens of thousands of customers, partners, and employees from around the world who were able to attend. I am proud of the amazing cloud technologies showcased at VMworld that make digital transformation possible.

As the leader of our Customer Experience and Success organization, I’m committed to helping you – our current and future customers and partners – continually drive outcomes from our solutions.  Here are three new ways the Customer Experience and Success team is innovating with new technologies and building offerings to support your digital transformation.

Application Modernization

Applications are at the heart of digital transformation.  At VMworld, we discussed how VMware can uniquely accelerate app modernization, delivering powerful applications on any cloud, migrating apps to any cloud and transforming apps with the most innovative cloud services.  Our teams use our unique cloud suitability technology to determine the best fit by evaluating the business, technical, and organizational characteristics of your portfolio including business considerations such as compliance, security, SLAs, and licensing; technical factors such as latency, I/O rates, and data sources/dependencies; architecture design and organizational characteristics such as domain expert availability, organization maturity, and lifecycle stage.

Our assessment will give you a clear path (which we can then execute) regarding which modernization strategy fits your application portfolio and business objectives as shown below.


Rehosting and replatforming apps is a relatively fast process that will save costs, drive efficiency and increase reliability when you take advantage of cloud platforms such as VMware Cloud Foundation for on-premises or VMware Cloud for public/hybrid clouds.  Refactoring – or building new apps – using cloud-native technologies results in new business opportunities as applications are enhanced and reimagined with new features and capabilities.  Our process allows you to start small and scale and gives you a sustainable and prioritized success plan for application modernization with lasting and meaningful outcomes.

VMware Success 360TM

As you go on the journey with us, including with app modernization, you need the right skills, insights, services, and information to drive toward your desired outcomes.  VMware Success 360 is our new success offering, powered by innovative technology, that continually guides you and keeps you on track through all the stages of your journey.  It includes:

  • Success Planning that provides personalized guidance to help you define and achieve outcomes faster. Our technology continually monitors 15 different metrics across your entire engagement with our solutions and teams.  Your success plan provides you with on-demand access to the value being realized and the overall health of your transformation.
  • Ongoing Adoption Guidance and Design Workshops that help with onboarding, adopting, consuming, and optimizing the use of VMware technology. Hundreds of assets, tools, services, and access to SMEs have been organized into Success Pathways that are incorporated into your success plan to help you achieve outcomes faster.
  • Dedicated and Proactive Support that uses VMware Skyline to provide predictive issue prevention. You are notified proactively and provided guidance for preemptive issue remediation.

VMware Customer ConnectTM

We are developing a new unified, personalized, and simplified way for you to engage with us.  VMware Customer Connect integrates all VMware digital engagements into a single, unified, personalized experience.  With a single set of credentials, you will be able to see your VMware Success 360 assets and resources, product licensing, and education plans and certifications.  You can participate in social and community forums.  You will be able to receive notifications from VMware Skyline, as well as automatically track product usage, track updates to support tickets, and view their notifications.

VMware Customer Connect is built with AI technologies woven throughout to update, guide, and provide you with automated assistance.

Additionally, I’d like to encourage you to take advantage of the special offer I announced at VMworld. We are extending complimentary access to premium digital training on VMware Customer Connect LearningTM to enable you to grow your skills and maximize the value from your VMware technologies.

In closing, I would like to extend my sincere thanks again to the tens of thousands of customers, partners, and employees for making VMworld such an engaging and educational event.  If you missed my keynote – Our Customer Commitment:  Working Together to Maximize Your Value – it’s available in the VMworld on-demand library.  VMware, my Customer Experience and Success team, and I are committed to helping you continually drive successful outcomes and to move faster to the future with our technologies, throughout your digital transformation.  Reach out and let us know how we can help you.

About the Author

As Chief Customer Experience Officer, Sumit Dhawan runs the company’s Global Services business, which includes technical support, premier support, customer success, Technical Account Management, and Professional Services teams. With over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, Sumit is a seasoned executive with a proven track-record of building and running market leading businesses. He is a strong advocate for customers and partners worldwide, ensuring they have an exceptional experience with VMware.

Sumit previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Instart, a startup delivering new innovations in web application performance and security services. Prior to joining Instart, Sumit served as the general manager of the end-user computing business at VMware. Before VMware, Sumit served at Citrix, where he held a number of executive roles – across engineering, product development, marketing, corporate development, and general management – and was a key contributor to Citrix’s growth from a private company to the publicly-traded, multinational business that it is today.

Sumit holds an MBA from the University of Florida – Warrington College of Business, an MS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).


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