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Badges? We Don’t See No Stinkin’ Badges!

By Jerad Forcier, Senior Consultant – Management, Security, Compliance, and Monitoring, VMware Professional Services

Here’s how to make sure your vCM Compliance Badge shows up in vCenter Operations

When I work on projects that integrate VMware vCenter Configuration Manager badges into the dashboard in vCenter Operations Management Suite, I often hear the same questions over and over. Whether you are doing the integration yourself or helping a client through the process, I hope this post will help answer some of your questions.

Let’s start with a little background: These two products use different methods for obtaining, storing, and retrieving information. The vCenter Operations Management Suite works by collecting several metrics related to utilization and performance from vCenter Server and stores them in a database. This data is displayed in user-friendly views, or “dashboards.”

The vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) is an agent-based product that collects current configuration settings from virtual as well as physical machines. This configuration data is stored in a SQL database, and the views of this data are queried from the database using an SSRS reporting structure. Continue reading

Developing Defense in Depth for a Software-Defined Data Center

By Jared SkinnerCloud Management Sales Director – West

The software-defined data center (SDDC) is on the tip of a lot of tongues these days, but the fact is, it’s not yet an end-point solution but rather a constantly evolving strategy. For that reason, I meet many customers who are excited about its potential but still wary of the unknowns—in particular around security.

As we abstract different layers of the technological stack, namely storage and network, we must continue to manage security across the stack through industry best practices and/or regulatory standards. Securing the SDDC begins by reinventing Defense in Depth.

What Is “Defense in Depth”?

I think of Defense in Depth like an onion, where the sweetest part is the center, protected under many layers of security. Continue reading