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The Secret to Getting Security to Say ‘Yes’

By Richard Rees, Security & Compliance Architect, VMware Professional Services

My post last week about the NSA and hybrid cloud I shared an important equation from the security world: Trust = Visibility + Control. In other words, if I’m going to trust a third party with my data assets, I need to have more visibility to make me comfortable with less control.

Today I want to highlight the different requirements that security, IT, and business have for building trust, and how improved visibility can help all three build a more successful working relationship.

Let’s start with security, the most risk-averse, and a mindset I have the best insight into. We know that business and IT are frustrated when we say no, but they need to understand our thought process. If security says “no,” and something bad happens, we get to say “I told you so.” If we say “no,” and nothing bad happens, we’re still ok. But every time we say “yes” we take a risk on getting burned. And we’ve been burned plenty before.

The business side has completely different requirements for trust. To them, risk is just the cost of doing business. You acquire a company, it doesn’t perform as you expected, you sell it off again. That’s that. Meanwhile, IT is somewhere in the middle, focused on efficiency and service delivery to the business.

When these different risk tolerances are competing (instead of collaborating), new problems arise, like the precipitous growth of “shadow IT” and the security problems it poses. Continue reading

Meet the Bloggers Today!

Don’t forget to stop by the Professional Services booth at VMworld today from 4:15–5pm for our Meet the Bloggers event. Get in-person answers to all your pressing IT questions and meet the consultants and architects behind this blog and the VMware Accelerate Blog.

If you can’t join us in San Francisco, we hope you’ll still join us here on the VMware Consulting Blog. We have lots of great posts scheduled for the coming months, including several by new bloggers. You won’t want to miss them!

Come Find Your Blueprint for BYOD Success

Employees today have more information available—and more ways to access that information—than ever before. No longer does a single device (whether it’s a laptop, a tablet or a traditional desktop computer) meet the needs of today’s workforce. Your goals haven’t changed: to deliver a secure, manageable and efficient end user computing environment to the enterprise. Now you just have to do that while managing a menagerie of devices.

VMware products enable companies to virtualize, simplify and control their end-user computing environments; but to be effective, these solutions must integrate with a complex, multifaceted and ever-changing business environment. To design and deploy these solutions correctly, you must be able to make this complex ecosystem of various devices and systems work together seamlessly.

At VMworld San Francisco, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the leading architects of blueprints for exactly this kind of modern mobile enterprise—the VMware Professional Services EUC architects. Stop by the VMworld Professional Services booth to see an eye-catching iPad demo, providing an inside look at four end-user computing blueprints and a deeper appreciation for the technical and architectural decisions required for a high-performing EUC solution.

Learn about:

  • AlwaysOn Point of Care. Drawing on our healthcare industry experience, we integrate VMware technologies with the your environment’s third-party systems and optimize your IT landscape to meet your needs. By weaving together a variety of devices—from desktops to physician tablets and remote smartphones—VMware provides a single-sign-on, seamless user experience across your organization. We deploy an infrastructure that provides the high availability essential in healthcare environments, along with the security needed to protect patient privacy and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Mobile Secure Workplace. We take an integrated approach to mobile technology, bringing together and optimizing VMware products with third-party technologies while leveraging your existing systems. While building security into your architecture, we also focus on device independence and flexibility, so your infrastructure won’t be left behind by rapidly advancing mobile technology.
  • Branch Office Desktop. We conduct a thorough assessment of your central and branch-office IT landscape. We look at storage and how it will be affected by the way images and user personas are managed, as well network topology, to understand issues such as WAN availability, application strategy and the number of endpoints that need to be supported.
  • Business Process Desktop. We analyze workflows to understand your business requirements, then design an architecture that provides seamless integration of voice and digital channels, along with consistent network performance and availability. Because flexibility is especially important in these operations, we deliver a blueprint for a repeatable deployment process that lets you scale operations up and down quickly to stay in step with changing business demand.

VMware Professional Services can help you design and deploy an end-user solution that is secure, reliable, and right for your business—and do it rapidly while minimizing risk and maximizing your return on investment. Come visit us at VMworld to see how!


Your Questions Answered—In Person—At ‘Meet The Bloggers’

By Ted Ohr, Senior Director of Americas Service Delivery

Here at the VMWare Consulting Blog, we are lucky to be able to gather an incredible range of knowledge under one roof, from BYOD and security policies, to SDDC and Tier-1 applications. Our goal is to share insights across many topics, and to help you get to know the professional services consultants through their posts.

We’ll be extending that mission from the digital realm into the real world at our Meet the Bloggers event, Tuesday, August 27, at VMworld San Francisco 2013. Stop by the VMware booth from 4:15–5pm to get in-person answers and additional information on topics at the heart of this blog, as well as the VMware Accelerate blog.

Here are some questions and topics our bloggers are eager to discuss:

Where should you start when virtualizing Tier-1 applications?

Are your applications ready for data center transformation?

What is the best storage design strategy for a successful VDI deployment?

What security questions need to be asked when considering virtualization?

But that’s not all! We have lots of great posts scheduled for the coming months, many by new bloggers who will also be at Meet the Bloggers. Stop by and meet with our architects and consultants.  It’s a great opportunity for all.  Join us!

With over 18 years of technology experience, Ted Ohr is the Senior Director of Americas Service Delivery, which includes Software Defined Data Center, Mobility, Project Management and Technical Account Management. In addition to driving services revenue growth in Latin America, he is also responsible for leading all aspects of service delivery, thought leadership and best practices for VMware’s Professional Services business for both North and Latin America, helping to ensure customer success and satisfaction.

Don’t Miss VMworld’s Hands-On Labs: Now More Mobile & Flexible

For many of the 21,000 attendees expected at VMworld 2013 San Francisco, a main draw will be the Hands-On Labs (HOLs), which have grown from 120 users in 2004 to 45,000 square feet of space and 2.5 days worth of content this year.

HOLs allow participants to try out VMware products on provided computers or—starting last year—their own device, powered by hotspots around the convention center. This means users don’t have to change licenses or buy equipment, and product experts are available to provide immediate guidance. You’ll recognize many of the HOL experts and speakers as the same Professional Services Consultants who share their expertise on this blog.

Every time a lab is run, the environment is reset to a fresh state for the next participant. This is made possible by the very tools VMware lets participants test: Each workstation has a VMware Horizon View virtualized desktop running Lab Manager software, powered by VMware hybrid cloud technology. The vSphere virtualized infrastructure integrates onsite and offsite data centers (in San Francisco, Ashburn, and Miami) to enable 4,000 virtual machines to be deployed and un-deployed every hour.

Brand new this year are the Lightning Labs of 15 or 30 minutes, providing a shorter alternative to the usual 60-minute sessions—for attendees dedicated to optimizing every minute of their schedule.

This year VMworld will also serve as a testing ground for the public beta of VMware Hands-On Lab Portal, built on the Project Nee (Next-generation Education Environment) Application, which launched in November to much excitement.

Don’t forget to register for the 2013 HOLs—and VMworld if you haven’t! You can even self-register for HOLs for the first time. More details on HOLs and this year’s topics here.

VMworld Schedule Builder Now Live!

We’re excited to announce the schedule builder for VMworld San Francisco 2013 is now live. Considering this year’s 350 in-depth sessions, 26 hands-on labs, 275 sponsors and exhibitors, and networking opportunities galore, you’ll be glad for the help making the most efficient use of your VMworld time. And if you haven’t registered, now is the time!

As you’re building your ideal schedule, consider adding some sessions from our Professional Services Consultants. We’ve been highlighting their sessions the last few weeks, and are finishing up this week with one from Joerg Lew on vCenter Orchestrator.


Keep It Simple and Integrated: Out-Of-The-Box Cross-System Automation with vCenter Orchestrator (vCO)

With Joerg Lew (VMware) and Savina Ilieva (VMware)

 For service providers and enterprises alike, automation and integration is the key to efficiently building and operating your IT infrastructure, whether it’s virtualized or still contains legacy devices and applications. With vCenter Orchestrator (already included in vCenter), you can build reliable “enterprise-ready” automation solutions based on workflows. vCO and its plugins allow you to integrate a broad number of systems, protocols, and services, including but not limited to VMware products.

In this session you’ll learn about:

  • The business case for automation and integration in enterprise IT
  • New features planned for the next vCO release
  • Using existing plugins to auto-generate workflow for many use cases
  • Integrating external systems with vCO

You will see a live demo of the newest vCO capabilities, presented by Savina Ilieva, Product Manager for vCO at VMware, and Joerg Lew, Senior Consultant in VMware’s Professional Services Engineering team. A guest speaker from a third-party vendor will also share his experience building a vCO Plugin. Who is it? Attend the session and see!


Don’t Miss Our PS Consultants at VMworld

This year’s VMworld in San Francisco is fast approaching: August 25–29. Are you ready? Have you been perusing the list of sessions to decide which breakouts and panels you can’t miss?

With 350+ sessions this year, we imagine you’ll be carefully planning your schedule in the coming weeks. We’d hate for you to miss the great sessions led by our VMware Professional Services Consultants and Architects, so we’ve included two on Virtualization below. Plus, don’t miss our run-down of End-User Computing sessions from last week.


Strategic Reasons for Classifying Workloads for Tier 1 Virtualization. Why Classify?

With David Gallant (VMware) and Denis Larocque (MolsonCoors)

Virtualizing business-critical applications can be a daunting exercise. It’s not just another application you’re putting on the virtual infrastructure. In most cases, it’s the system of record or the major finance application, the app that runs the supply chain, etc. You need to get it correct—the first time.

Workload classification of the existing environment is key to the success of virtualizing business-critical applications. Workload classification determines sizing for performance and capacity as well as application dependency.

“Getting rid of our costly UNIX environment was a good reason to virtualize, but SAP was a critical part of our portfolio, and we had to guarantee performance and reliability of the new system,” explains MolsonCoors Virtualization Architect Denis Larocque. “Having deep understanding of current state to be able to classify the workload and make a projection is the secret. It is not that difficult when you have the right information available.”

At this session you’ll hear from Laroque and VMware Virtualization Architect David Gallant, and discuss who, what, when, why, where and how to classify workloads for virtual environments.


How SRP Delivers More Than Power to Their Customers

With Girish Manmadkar (VMware) and Sheldon Brown (SRP)

SRP, the third-largest public power and water company in the country, with over 1,000,000 customers, has completely virtualized its entire SAP landscape (inclusive database). Since completing the production environment build in December, SRP has been busy stress testing, load testing, performance testing, and monitoring and tweaking the environment to ensure an excellent customer experience on Go Live day.

In this session you’ll hear from VMware (Consulting Architect – BCA/SAP practice North America) and SRP (hands-on SAP Technology Manager) about their reasons to virtualize the SAP environment and to migrate SAP workloads to elastic but optimal virtual environments. You’ll also find out what they did to resolve earlier performance issues like SAP BI, quick resource allocation, Oracle licensing, and much more.


Start Your VMworld Schedule On The Right Foot

Getting excited about this year’s VMworld, August 25–29? We are—especially now that the full list of sessions has been posted. Breakout and panel sessions are at the heart of the VMworld experience, with dynamic speakers, rich content, and constructive discussions.

With 350+ sessions this year, we imagine you’ll be carefully planning your schedule in the coming weeks. Here’s a great place to start: sessions led by our VMware Professional Services Consultants. We’ve collected a few from the End-User Computing track below; keep your eyes out for others in the coming weeks, focusing on Virtualization and the Software-Defined Data Center.


Demistifying VMware Mirage: Tips and Tricks for Success
With Justin Venezia and Simon Long

Wondering what Mirage really does, how it works, and how to successfully design and implement it? VMware’s Global Professional Services team will present a technical walk-through of a real-world end-to-end Mirage design and implementation. Hear first-hand how VMware Architects address technical and operational challenges, such as networking and server and storage sizing. The team will also share lessons and best practices, giving you everything you need to successfully deploy VMware Mirage.


Getting Started with Horizon Workspace: Use Cases and Configuration
With Kristopher Boyd and Stephane Asselin

VMware Horizon Workspace opens the door for a new world of use cases—from SSO (single sign on) to remote enterprise applications. Properly configuring and deploying a Horizon Workspace environment requires careful planning and execution. In this session Kristopher and Stephane will go over new use cases, discuss configuration and deployment tips, and share pointers to help you avoid roadblocks when you deploy your first Horizon Workspace environment.


PCoIP: Sizing For Success
With Simon Long and Chuck Hirstius

Baffled by the PCoIP sizing minefield that can accompany a Horizon View deployment? No idea where to start? Join Chuck and Simon as they give an introduction to PCoIP, helping you understand important characteristics of the protocol, which need to be considered when sizing for PCoIP. The session will then guide you through the critical steps required to optimize, measure, and calculate PCoIP bandwidth requirements tailored to your environment.


EUC Experts Panel – Successful Implementations
Moderated by Kristopher Boyd with panelists Simon Long, Stephane Asselin, Justin Venezia, Ray Dusseault

In this panel discussion, EUC Architects from Global Services Engineering with experience designing and implementing some of the largest, most complex EUC environments to date will answer your pressing questions: Issues with virtual desktops and virtualized apps.  How to scale your virtual desktop environment. Where do  Horizon Workspace and Mirage fit into your desktop strategy? The panel includes experts in all of the Horizon Suite products, as well as critical infrastructure support elements for EUC, such as Active Directory and anti-virus, storage solutions, networking, and load balancing.


The Proof is in the Impact

Today’s challenging business environment is a convergence of many changes. In this new business paradigm, IT executives are faced with determining how to best direct their staff, how to redesign IT processes, and how to use technology to grow businesses and/or fundamentally shift business models. Anticipating and staying abreast of these challenges requires thought leadership and seamless technical capabilities.

In this video, Michael Hubbard, Sr. Director of Accelerate and Services Sales for the Americas, discusses the value of gleaning best practices and insights from our consulting experts on virtualization, end user computing, cloud computing and more in this blog. He also shares a customer success story where VMware delivered an impactful, always on point-of-care solution for a major hospital.

Check back soon for more stories, best practices and insights.

The Art of Possibility

By Scott Harvey, Vice President of Professional Services for the Americas

Welcome to our new VMware Consulting blog.  Drawing from our extensive experience delivering tens of thousands of services engagements to our clients around the world, our consulting services team has unique insight into how best to leverage cloud computing and virtualization to drive transformation and deliver value for your business. We want to share these insights with you, and our new blog is a platform to do just that. Our clients are leading change in their IT operations through best practices and innovations around VMware technologies that are providing tremendous business value to their companies through faster time to market and greater cost efficiency, ultimately doing more and getting more from their IT resources.

VMware Consultants, Architects and Project Managers work with you and your team to make possibilities real.  Our consulting team helps our customers through strategy and transformation planning, architecture design, deployment, integration, operations management and process change. We provide the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver on the value of the software-defined data center, create hybrid cloud solutions and provide end-user computing solutions.  Each posting will be designed to provide you insights that are helpful in both maturing your VMware environment and leveraging cloud computing and virtualization to drive value for your business. We hope you will provide your own insights, challenges and successes as together we are much stronger and innovative than if we are alone.

Best regards,

Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey is Vice President of Professional Services for the Americas. Bringing over 18 years of technology experience, he is responsible for leading all aspects of VMware’s Professional Services business across the Americas geography, driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction.