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VMware Horizon 7 New Features

Dale CarterBy Dale Carter

With the release of VMware Horizon 7, I thought I would highlight some of the new features that have been added with this release.

Blast Extreme Protocol

With the update to Blast Extreme, VMware has upgraded the Blast Extreme protocol to the same level as PCoIP and RDP. Now you will be able to use the Blast Extreme protocol when connecting via HTML5, and also when you connect to a virtual desktop or RDSH app using your VMware Horizon client on any device.

DCarter_Edit LocalA

Just as with PCoIP and RDP, VMware Horizon Administrators will be able to configure the Blast Extreme protocol as the default protocol for both desktop and application pools.

DCarter_Edit Global Entitlement

Blast Extreme will not only be available for standard desktop and application pools but also global pools when configured with Cloud Pod Architecture.

VMware Instant Clone Technology

VMware Instant Clone is the long awaited technology built on VMware Fork technology that was previewed at VMworld. VMware has been working on it for some time. VMware Instant Clone helps to create the just-in-time desktop. It allows for a new virtual desktop to be created in seconds, and thousands of virtual desktops to be created in a very short time. This is one of the best features of the VMware Horizon 7 release, and I believe that VMware Horizon administrators are going to love creating desktop pools using this new Instant Clone technology.

For information on configuring the new VMware Horizon Instant Clone technology, see my blog here.

Cloud Pod Architecture

The two main updates to Cloud Pod Architecture are scale and home site improvements. I have written two new blogs to cover these new updates:

Cloud Pod Architecture New Features

Update to How CPA Home Sites Work with VMware Horizon 7

Smart Policies

The new Smart Policies are a way to have more granular control of what users can access when they connect to their virtual desktop or applications. With the first release of Smart Policies, you will be able to set the following policies based on certain conditions:

  • VMware Horizon Conditions
    • View client info (IP and name)
    • Endpoint location (Internal/external)
    • Tags
    • Desktop pool name
  • VMware Horizon Capabilities
    • Clipboard
    • Client drive
    • USB
    • Printing
    • PCoIP bandwidth profiles

For more information on these capabilities see my more detailed blog here .

To use Smart Policies, you will need VMware Horizon 7 and User Environment Manager 9. You will also need the latest view agent and clients installed to take advantage of these new features. The other thing to note is that these policies only work with the PCoIP and Blast Extreme protocols and not RDP.

Desktop Pool Deletion

The Desktop Pool Deletion feature is often a request from customers who want to stop administrators from deleting a desktop pool that currently has active desktops within it. With VMware Horizon 6.x and earlier versions, it was possible for an administrator to accidentally delete a desktop pool and all the VM’s within that pool. This new feature, when enabled, will stop that from happening. To enable this feature, follow the instructions in my blog here.

These are just some of the new features that have been released with VMware Horizon 7. For a full list of the new features, check out the release notes.

Dale is a Senior Solutions Architect and member of the CTO Ambassadors. Dale focuses in the End User Compute space, where Dale has become a subject matter expert in a number of the VMware products. Dale has more than 20 years experience working in IT having started his career in Northern England before moving the Spain and finally the USA. Dale currently hold a number of certifications including VCP-DV, VCP-DT, VCAP-DTD and VCAP-DTA.

For updates you can follow Dale on twitter @vDelboy

6 thoughts on “VMware Horizon 7 New Features

  1. Ratnesh Pandey

    Good update on new version of VMware Horizon View 7, but still far away in competition with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop solutions of application and Desktop virtualization.

    1. J

      Has XenDesktop improved on the management aspect or do you still need a half dozen servers to manage it? We moved away from Citrix due to the higher maintenance and resource requirements. Pretty happy with VMware’s solution in that aspect. I’m one guy and I can do most of the management on my own for our org.

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  3. bhavanisai

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