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VMware vRealize Operations Python Adapter – A Hidden Treasure

Jeremy WheelerBy Jeremy Wheeler

Even more power comes out of VMware vRealize Operations when enabling the vRealize Operations Python Adapter, adding additional intelligent monitoring and action capabilities.

To do this, execute the following steps:

Image 1:

JWheeler Image 1

  1. Select ‘Solutions’
  2. Select ‘VMware vSphere’
  3. Select ‘vCenter Python Adapter’

Add your vCenters, and match what you configured under the ‘vCenter Adapter’ section above #3 in image 1.

What Does This Do for Me?

When viewing the default dashboard ‘Recommendations’ you might see something such as the following in your ‘Top Risk Alerts For Descendants’

Image 2:

JWheeler Image 2

By selecting the alert, you will be presented with another dialog to dig into, which is an object we should inspect:

Image 3:

JWheeler Image 3

After I select ‘View Details’ it will present me with the object details of the virtual machine ‘av_prov1’.

Image 4:

JWheeler Image 4

Without Python Adapters configured you will not see the ‘Set Memory for VM’ button; with it configured it will be visible under the ‘Recommendations’ section.

Image 5:

JWheeler Image 5

After selecting ‘Set Memory for VM’ you will be presented with a new dialog (Image 5). Here we can see what the new memory recommendation would be and adjust or apply it. Additionally, if you want the changes to happen now, you can select Power-Off/Snapshot. Without powering off the virtual machine, vRealize Operations will attempt to hot-add the additional memory if the OS will support it.

Image 6:

JWheeler Image 6

Once you select ‘Begin Action’ you will see the dialog in Image 6.

Jeremy Wheeler is an experienced senior consultant and architect for VMware’s Professional Services Organization, End-user Computing specializing in VMware Horizon Suite product-line and vRealize products such as vROps, and Log Insight Manager. Jeremy has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. In addition to his past experience, Jeremy has a passion for technology and thrives on educating customers. Jeremy has 7 years of hands-¬‐on virtualization experience deploying full-life cycle solutions using VMware, CITRIX, and Hyper-V. Jeremy also has 16 years of experience in computer programming in various languages ranging from basic scripting to C, C++, PERL, .NET, SQL, and PowerShell.

Jeremy Wheeler has received acclaim from several clients for his in-¬‐depth and varied technical experience and exceptional hands-on customer satisfaction skills. In February 2013, Jeremy also received VMware’s Spotlight award for his outstanding persistence and dedication to customers and was nominated again in October of 2013

2 thoughts on “VMware vRealize Operations Python Adapter – A Hidden Treasure

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  2. Jack

    Do I have to create a script for each possible condition my environment will experience? If yes, this isn’t very helpful.


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