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VMware Certificate Authority, Part 3: My Favorite New Feature of vSphere 6.0 – The New!

jonathanm-profileBy Jonathan McDonald

In the last blog, I left off right after the architecture discussion. To be honest, this was not because I wanted to but more because I couldn’t say anything more about it at the time. As of September 10, vSphere 6.0 Update 1 has been released with some fantastic new features in this area that make the configuration of customized certificates even easier. At this point what is shown is a tech preview, however it shows the direction that the development is headed in the future. It is amazing when things just work out and with a little bit of love, an incredibly complex area becomes much easier.

In this release, there is a UI that has been released for configuration of the Platform Services Controller. This new interface can be accessed by navigating to:


When you first navigate here, a first time setup screen may be shown:

JMcDonald 1

To set up the configuration, login with a Single Sign-On administrator account, and the actual setup will run and be complete in short order. Subsequently when you login, the screen is plain and similar to the login of the vSphere Web Client:

JMcDonald 2
After login, the interface appears as follows:

JMcDonald 3

As you can see, it provides a ton of new and great functionality, including a GUI for installation of certificates! I will not be talking about the other features except to say there is some pretty fantastic content in there, including the single sign-on configuration, as well as appliance-specific configurations. I only expect this to grow in the future, but it is definitely amazing for a first start.

Let’s dig in to the certificate stuff.

Certificate Store

When navigating to the Certificate Store link, it allows you to see all of the different certificate stores that exist on the VMware Certificate Authority System:

JMcDonald 4This gives the option to view the details of all the different stores that are on the system, as well as view details, and add or remove entry details of each of the entries available:

JMcDonald 5
This is very useful when troubleshooting a configuration or for auditing/validating the different certificates that are trusted on the system.

Certificate Authority

Next up: the Certificate Authority option, which shows a view similar to the following:

JMcDonald 6

This area shows the Active, Revoked, Expired and Root Certificate for the VMware Certificate Authority. It also provides the option to be able to show details of each certificate for auditing or review purposes:

JMcDonald 7

In addition to providing a review, the Root Certificate Tab also allows the additional functionality of replacing the root certificate:

JMcDonald 8

When you go here to do just that, you are prompted to input the new Certificate and Private Key:

JMcDonald 9

Once processed the new certificate will show up in the list.

Certificate Management

Finally, and by far the most complex, is the Certificate Management screen. When you first click this, you will need to enter the single sign-on credentials for the server you want to connect to. In this case, it is to the local Platform Services Controller:

JMcDonald 10

Once logged in the interface looks as follows:

JMcDonald 11

Don’t worry, however, the user or server is not a one-time thing and can be changed by clicking the logout button. This interface allows the Machine Certificates and Solution User Certificates to be viewed, renewed and changed as appropriate.

If the renew button is clicked the certificate will be renewed from VMware Certificate Authority.JMcDonald 12

Once complete the following message is presented:

JMcDonald Renewal

If the certificate is to be replaced it is similar to the process of replacing the root certificate:

JMcDonald Root

Remember that the root certificate must be valid or replaced first or the installation will fail. Finally, the last screenshot I will show is the Solution Users Screen:

JMcDonald Solutions

The notable difference here is that there is a Renew All button, which will allow for all the solution user certificates to be changed.

This new interface for certificates is the start of something amazing, and I can’t wait to see the continued development in the future. Although it is still a tech preview, from my own testing it seems to work very well. Of course my environment is a pretty clean one with little environmental complexity which can sometimes show some unexpected results.

For further details on the exact steps you should take to replace the certificates (including all of the command line steps, which are still available as per my last blog) see, Replacing default certificates with CA signed SSL certificates in vSphere 6.0 (2111219).

I hope this blog series has been useful to you – it is definitely something I am passionate about so I can write about it for hours! I will be writing next about my experiences at VMworld and hopefully to help address the most common concerns I heard from customers while there.

Jonathan McDonald is a Technical Solutions Architect for the Professional Services Engineering team. He currently specializes in developing architecture designs for core Virtualization, and Software-Defined Storage, as well as providing best practices for upgrading and health checks for vSphere environments


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