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User Environment Manager: Personal Management and Profile Unity to UEM

Jeremy WheelerBy Jeremy Wheeler

User Environment Management is the concept of managing a user’s persona across devices and locations. Using dynamic contextual policy control, VMware User Environment Manager gives IT a comprehensive profile management tool that supports physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted desktops and applications.  These policies deliver a consistent experience that adapts to the end-user’s needs. Regardless of how delivery is performed, end-users can access their desktops and applications with personalized and consistent settings across devices. UEM is focused entirely on the context of the user, and not the device the user is working on.

Have a look at this User Environment Manager Migrations technical document for step-by-step instructions on preparation and migration of Persona Management to UEM, and preparation, configuration and  migration of Profile Unity to UEM.

Jeremy Wheeler, Consulting Architect with the VMware End-User Computing Professional Services team, created this paper.

VMware would like to acknowledge the following people for their contributions to this document:

  • Devon Cassidy, Technical Support Engineer End User Computing, Global Tech Lead, VMware
  • Pim van de Vis, Technical, IT Infrastructure Architect, VMware

5 thoughts on “User Environment Manager: Personal Management and Profile Unity to UEM

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  2. Brian

    Is there a way to use UEM to change the IP address of the VM that the user is logging on to. I see that UEM supports making changes to the VM based on the client IP. I am looking for a way to change a DHCP IP on a VM in a floating pool to a static IP and assign that IP to a specific user.


  3. satish

    Is there any software from VMware which work the persona data between the site A and Site B or else we need to use any replication software storage level. please let us know the process .


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