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App Volumes Writable Volumes Orphaned

JeffSmallBy Jeffrey Davidson

In this blog entry I will talk about App Volumes and how Writable Volumes can become orphaned.

In some cases Writable Volumes can become orphaned as shown below.

JDavidson Writable Volumes 1

This status message can be confusing. The status message makes it seem as if the Writable Volume may be missing, or there is some other issue at hand. However, that may not be the case.

In some cases this orphaned state occurs when the owner user account in Active Directory is disabled, as shown below.

JDavidson Writable Volumes 2

When an account in Active Directory has been assigned an App Volumes—or a Writable Volume is disabled or deleted—the users’ Writable Volume can become orphaned when App Volumes synchronizes with Active Directory. As a result of this process, the status of the Writable Volume changes to orphaned.

Jeffrey Davidson, Senior Consultant, VMware EUC. Jeffrey has over 15 years of IT experience and joined VMware in 2014. He is also a VCP5-DCV and VCP5-DT. He is a strong advocate of virtualization technologies, focusing on operational readiness with customers.


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