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VMware App Volumes Multi-vCenter and Multi-Site Deployments

By Dale Carter

With the release of VMware App Volumes 2.9 comes one of the most requested features so far: multi-vCenter support. With multi-vCenter support it is now possible to manage virtual desktops and AppStacks from multiple vCenter instances within the same App Volume Manager.

The following graphic shows how this works:

DCarter App Volumes

With this new feature App Volumes can now be used to support the Horizon Block and Pod architecture with just one App Volumes manager, or cluster of managers.

Now that we can support multi-vCenters, I started to wonder if this new capability could be leveraged across multiple sites to help support multiple site deployments.

After speaking with the App Volumes Product Manager, I am happy to confirm that, “Yes,” you can use this new feature to support multi-site deployments – as long as you are using the supported SQL database.

The architecture for this type of deployment would look like this:

DCarter App Volumes 2


I would recommend that App Volumes Managers at each site be clustered. Read the following blog to learn how to cluster App Volumes Managers: http://blogs.vmware.com/consulting/2015/02/vmware-appvolumes-f5.html

Although 2.9 is just a point release, this is one of the biggest features added so far for multi-vCenter support.

To add a second―or more―vCenter instance to App Volumes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to the App Volumes Manager
  2. Select Configuration, then Machine Manager, and then click Add Machine Manager
    DCarter App Volumes 3
  3. Enter the vCenter information and click Save.
    DCarter App Volumes 4
  4. Follow these steps for each vCenter instance you want to add.

Dale is a Senior Solutions Architect and member of the CTO Ambassadors. Dale focuses in the End User Compute space, where Dale has become a subject matter expert in a number of the VMware products. Dale has more than 20 years experience working in IT having started his career in Northern England before moving the Spain and finally the USA. Dale currently hold a number of certifications including VCP-DV, VCP-DT, VCAP-DTD and VCAP-DTA.

For updates you can follow Dale on twitter @vDelboy

7 thoughts on “VMware App Volumes Multi-vCenter and Multi-Site Deployments

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  2. sharon

    It’s a great enhancement. The downside it’s you’re going to be forced to buy UEM to save your profile data now since they are removing that feature from writable volumes in future releases.

    1. Phil Helmling

      sharon, Horizon includes Persona Management for profile management and that is what we have always advocated. UEM provides increased functionality over and above the current Persona Management features, so you will have a choice if you are licensed for Horizon Enterprise.

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