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VIO – A Closer Look from a vSphere Administrator View.

Julienne_PhamBy Julienne Pham

A version of VMware Integrated OpenStack was released in April, and for the DevOps team, the Cloud API did not change from one vendor to another. So, how does it impact me as a vSphere administrator?

This article will go through how VIO can be managed through the vSphere Web Client.

After deploying the VIO cluster services instance, this is what I have noticed:

One Single Pane of Glass

Yes, the initial OVA deployment involves the registration of the VMware Integrated OpenStack services to vCenter Service, so there is no surprise to see the OpenStack logo on the vSphere Web Client.

Instead, I find it very practical to be able to configure all the services through the same vSphere Web Client.

JPham vSphere Web Client


Backup and Restore Configuration File

I like this feature in particular, if you are like me, someone who is constantly multitasking, it is really a gain of time when you have to redeploy the OpenStack services or troubleshoot any deployment issue.

The installation requirements can be found on this article: http://blogs.vmware.com/openstack/vmware-integrated-openstack-first-look/

It is quite an exhaustive list, and it can save a lot time especially when you have to fill the IP range.

JPham vSphere Web Client 2

Managing the VIO OpenStack Management Cluster

Depending on the business demand, you can scale-up and scale-down your Nova Compute or other storage configurations from your actual setup within the VMware Integrated OpenStack web interface.

You can:

  • Get the summary of OpenStack Services cluster
  • Add new Nova Compute
  • Add new Nova Storage
  • Add new Glance Storage resources
  • Eventually patch your OpenStack Cluster

JPham vSphere Web Client 3


High Availability (HA)/Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) Rules

VMware has designed an OpenStack architecture in high availability mode, but does it integrate with the vSphere HA or DRS? In this example, during the OpenStack services cluster deployment, DRS rules get created to ensure the same OpenStack Service virtual machines are not hosted on the same VMware ESXi host.

JPham vSphere Web Client 4


Once configured, the things you need to remember are:

  1. DevOps will provision daily virtual machine workload. You need to make sure you have some controls, monitoring and alarms set on the vSphere infrastructure to prevent any massive production disruption, e.g., a case where a virtual machine provisioning script keeps running in a loop … and might impact the full vSphere environment.
  2. Maintenance. For application awareness, you need to go through the vSphere VMware Integrated web plugin and shut down the cluster from there, not from the vSphere web virtual machine inventory, as it has no application dependency awareness.
  3. We are providing a validated VIO architecture. If you are customizing OpenStack services virtual machines manually, I would suggest backing up the virtual machines and calling support if needed to validate it – as with any future upgrade, your configuration might be overwritten and not persistent.

Julienne Pham is a Technical Solution Architect for the Professional Services Engineering team. She is specialised on SRM and core storage. Her focus is on VIO and BCDR space.

5 thoughts on “VIO – A Closer Look from a vSphere Administrator View.

  1. Derek Belcher

    What version of Openstack is used in VIO? I see in the screen shot it is saying 2014.1.3 which is only about 8 months old. What is the update cycle for Openstack going to be in VIO?

  2. Julienne Pham

    VIO GA was released in March and is based on IceHouse (https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/integrated-openstack-pubs.html).
    The screenshot you were mentioning was probably taken from a previous version of VIO.

    We are working on the next version on Kilo but I do not have any definite released date yet as it depend on a lot of parameters: Code Change,Testing and Upgrade compatibility on top of adding new features. However, we are targeting to release within the next few months after the upstream announcement but it can be a moving target.


  3. admiral kfz versicherung x6

    Kameler?? Blir det giraffbebis??? Annars är jag inte helt säker på att jag är med på noterna. Folk som flyttar sten kan jag köpa.. Stenläggning av trädgården? Och tror vi mest ska vara inne så det är nog rätt lugnt. Hoppas du får en trevlig helg i vilket fall.=)


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