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Using Super Metrics to Populate Widgets in VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Jeremy WheelerBy Jeremy Wheeler

When setting up dashboards in VMware vRealizeTM Operations ManagerTM, I’ve found a lot of customers are trying to locate specific metrics, such as how much memory is available to a cluster after honoring N+1 and 80 percent max memory utilization per host. These types of metrics can be located through a “super metric,” but in many cases you need to edit the XML file(s) correlated to the widget before you can present the super metric to the GUI widget.

In VMware’s previous version of VMware vCenterTM Operations ManagerTM, XML files were used heavily when a specific widget interaction was needed. With VMware vRealize Operations Manager, the process of injecting super metrics into an XML file has changed. This blog specifically talks about the steps needed to populate a widget with your super metric. View the document here: vRealize Operations Management Supermetrics and XML Editing.

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vRealize with Operations Management Supermetrics_Jeremy Wheeler

Jeremy Wheeler is an experienced senior consultant and architect for VMware’s Professional Services Organization, End-user Computing specializing in VMware Horizon Suite product-line and vRealize products such as vROps, and Log Insight Manager. Jeremy has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. In addition to his past experience, Jeremy has a passion for technology and thrives on educating customers. Jeremy has 7 years of hands-¬‐on virtualization experience deploying full-life cycle solutions using VMware, CITRIX, and Hyper-V. Jeremy also has 16 years of experience in computer programming in various languages ranging from basic scripting to C, C++, PERL, .NET, SQL, and PowerShell.

Jeremy Wheeler has received acclaim from several clients for his in-¬‐depth and varied technical experience and exceptional hands-on customer satisfaction skills. In February 2013, Jeremy also received VMware’s Spotlight award for his outstanding persistence and dedication to customers and was nominated again in October of 2013

3 thoughts on “Using Super Metrics to Populate Widgets in VMware vRealize Operations Manager

  1. Mike Montague

    Thanks Jeremy this will be useful! I wonder, do you have any details on the super metric you mentioned for available memory after n+1 & 80% used? This would be a great to show how overprovisioned some of our environments may be.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler

      Mike, Thanks for the comments. This formula might work for you that I used in vCOps. I am in the process of redoing it for vROps, just haven’t had the time.

      ((((sum(This Resource: Memory|Usable Memory (KB)) / sum(This Resource: Summary|Number of Running Hosts))/ 10458576) * .80) * (sum(This Resource: Summary|Number of Running Hosts) -1))

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