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Introducing VMware API Platform Community Team

In the last 2 years vCommunity has seen growth in the number of R&D engineers contributing content. That said, engineers developing the products have still not been as widely represented as needed.

Following the success and all contributions from the vSphere UI Community Team and VMware DR Community Team the R&D Community Teams initiative at VMware continues today! Another team is joining the party: the VMware API Platform Community Team !

This is a group of VMware engineers responsible for developing the full spectrum of vSphere API Automation and SDK solutions: vSphere Web Services API, vSphere Automation API, vSphere Virtual Infrastructure (VI) JSON API, vSphere Management SDK, vSphere Automation SDK for Java, vSphere Automation SDK for python, pyVmomi.

As usual for the R&D Community Teams the focus of the VMware API Platform Community Team will be sharing domain knowledge though Deep dives. We will cover what capabilities are available, how they work and why things are built in a certain way. We appreciate your war stories and the insights coming from your own experience so keep the feedback coming to enhance our future development vision and architecture.

Traditionally for the community, all views coming out of the team are personal and should not be considered binding for VMware in any shape or form.

In the next months a number of blog posts, videos, tech talks and code contributions are coming your way.

Let’s kick this off! There is no better way to start than a blog post by Kiril Karaatanassov, lead engineer on vSphere API Platform team. Enjoy!

Follow us on Twitter @VMware_API_team and send us any feedback.


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