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vSphere SDKs: Now available for download from VMware Developer Center

Until vSphere 8.0, popular vSphere SDKs like pyVmomi , vSphere Automation SDKs were available for download only from github repositories and PyPi (pyVmomi) . There were requests from our community to allow these SDK downloads from VMware Developer Center. We are happy to announce that these SDKs are now available for download from VMware Developer Center.

You can reach the download locations from these links,
pyVmomi, vSphere Automation SDK for Python and vSphere Automation SDK for Java
Once you click the download button, the SDK binaries are downloaded locally. The SDK .zip file is named with a release version (eg: which is inline with the release version published in GitHub repository.

Release Notes and API Reference guide is also available along with the SDK binary download.


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