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VMware {code} Coaches 2022!

VMware {code} is honored to announce our newest coaches to the VMware {code} coaches program for 2022!

These coaches have been nominated by our existing coaches (2020 & 2021) for the outstanding role they’ve played in helping the VMware {code} Community learn and grow over the past year. From hosting Power Sessions online, writing and publishing blogs, to simply aiding community members on our Slack & Twitter channels, these individuals have gone above and beyond in their {code} community efforts.

Without further ado, let’s welcome this year’s 2022 VMware {code} coaches!

Lino Telera

Cloud Architect, InfoCert S.p.A.

Twitter Handle: @linotelera

Lino Telera is a Cloud Architect focused on Infrastructure Automation at InfoCert S.p.A. After earning the first VMware certification he joined VMware Users Group Italy in 2015, and he attended the first VMware {code} Hackathon in 2016. Lino is a TechFieldDay delegate and likes to spend his spare time authoring his blog: https://blog.linoproject.net/, running the Italian podcast “ThePipelineGuys,” and teaching code to kids with CoderDojo initiatives. On top of that, Lino has recently started teaching at the University Cattolica del S. Cuore (MI-PC-CR). Go Lino!

Kendra Kendell

Technical Marketing Manager, VMware Carbon Black

Kendra Kendall is a Technical Marketing Manager for the VMware Carbon Black team. She has worked in a variety of information technology roles – including help desk, systems administration, and in pre-sales engineering. She leverages her past experience in being the user of cybersecurity technologies and working on the IT operations side in her roles at VMware. She is passionate about cybersecurity, technical enablement, and IT operations. She is also a member of the VMware Carbon Black Howlers security evangelist team. You can also find her work on Carbon Black Tech Zone here. If you’d like to reach out to Kendra, you can find her on LinkedIn here.

Scott Rosenberg

Practice Leader, Cloud Technologies & Automation, TeraSky Modern IT at TeraSky Group

Twitter Handle: @VRAbbi_IL

Scott Rosenberg has been working in the IT field since 2014, starting as a VMware Infra admin and then pivoting to the Cloud and Cloud Native ecosystem. Since 2018, Scott has been leading the Cloud practice at TeraSky, leading innovative solutions and implementing them on a global scale for all of the company’s customers. Scott is active in the Kubernetes project as well as many ecosystem tools surrounding Kubernetes such as Pinniped, ClusterAPI, Carvel, and KubeApps! If you’re interested in learning more from Scott, you can check out his VMworld 2021 #CodeConnect session on ‘Adding Custom Logic to TKG Cluster Deployment’.

Michael Fleisher

Staff Solution Engineer – Professional, VMware

Twitter Handle: @michaelfleisher

Michael is a Developer turned Infrastructure Architect turned Solutions Engineer and is incredibly passionate about solving problems via scripting/automating/API-ing. He is also a huge proponent of enabling and empowering everyone to become the SREs of the future! If you’re looking to hear more about his career switch or simply his tips and tricks, check out his #CodeConnect 2021 sessions, ‘From vSphere Admin to Site Reliability Engineer – Where Do I Start?‘ and ‘The Cross-Platform SRE – No OS Left Behind!

Tuan Nguyen

Senior Networking and Security Technologist, VMware

Tuan is Networking and Security SME, responsible for End-to-end network usecases using VMware portfolio (Tanzu Service Mesh, Antrea, NSX intelligence, Security, NSX ALB, Network Insight analytic) and Tanzu Kubernetes portfolio (Tanzu Service Mesh, Tanzu Community Edition, Antrea). Tuan is also the Demo Captain of VMware NSBU leading multiple event coordination and technical speaker for VMworld 2020/2021, WWKO Sale kickoff, Mobile World 2022, Blackhat, ReInvent, RSA 2021/2022 and actively participating in VMUG, VMware@code community and other opensource community like Kubecon, Tanzu Community Edition. If you’re interested in learning more from Tuan, you can check out his VMworld 2021 #CodeConnect session on ‘Antrea and NSX-T update for Container Networking‘.

Lisa Tesler

Senior Product Manager, VMware Developer Experiences and APIs

Twitter Handle: @LiTesler

Lisa joined VMware in 2021, and is currently focused on the developer.vmware.com site and related experiences. She has led and/or worked in developer programs at eBay, X.commerce (PayPal/Magento), Intuit, and other companies. Her background is in developer portal and API product management, developer marketing and engagement programs, developer technical support, API docs, and API governance. Outside of work, you might chat with Lisa on a ski lift in Tahoe, or see her name in the credits of an indie film!

Tihomir Mateev

Staff Software Engineer, VMware vSphere User Interfaces

Twitter Handle: @tishun

Tihomir has been developing different parts of the vSphere user interfaces for over 15 years, including Single Sign-On and administration, OVF/OVA deploy and file transfer, Update Manager, etc. Recently he took part in developing the vSphere Mobile client and the Configuration Manager front-end. As a huge tech enthusiast that loves to discuss VMware’s products and how they can be improved, Tihomir hosted a VMworld 2021 #CodeConnect session on ‘vSphere Mobile Client – Access vSphere Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.‘ When he’s not on the computer, you can find Tihomir roaming the mountains alongside his family and his dog!

Kripa Sitaraman

Social Media and Community Marketing Manager, Team Lead, VMware

Twitter Handle: @KripaSitaraman

Kripa Sitaraman is the Communties Team lead for the social media and communities team and has been focused on building and growing the VMware {code} program for the last 4 years. She’s VCA-DBT certified and will be joining the EUC Technical Marketing Team as a Competitve Intelligence Analyst come July. Kripa is currently training to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon and in her free time likes to blog! You can checkout her photography, travel recommendations and recipes on her personal blog: https://seasingtheday.wordpress.com

Ivaylo Ivanov

Technical Product Manager and Lead Engineer, Runecast Solutions

Twitter Handle: @ivgivanov

Ivaylo is a Technical Product Manager & Lead Engineer at Runecast. He is a vExpert with a strong understanding of the vSphere APIs and a passion for automation. At work he spends most of his time with the development team, shaping the next product feature. Ivaylo is a #100DaysOfCode challenge finisher (Java) and a frequent table-tennis player!

We’re incredibly excited for you to get to know our {code} coaches better this year! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to them to learn, code, or simply – connect!

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