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VMware {code} August Power Sessions

Have you had a chance to watch one or more of our VMware {code} Power Sessions these past few months? If you haven’t, check out the May and June power sessions you might have missed and get ready for our August sessions! We’ll live stream all technical talks on our YouTube channel and provide unlimited access to streams after the live session. If you are interested in giving a session of your own, please see details here for further instructions.

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August 2021

Spring Cloud Gateway with Cora Iberkleid

Microservice architectures simplify the individual components that comprise our applications, but they introduce new complexity in managing a high number of distributed APIs. With so many moving parts, how can you provide a simplified experience for consumers and ensure that your system is resilient and secure?

Centralized gateways have been a long-standing solution for managing APIs, but microservices demand a new generation of lightweight micro-gateway applications. Spring Cloud Gateway is one such solution. It provides a simple yet flexible API to add the routing, resilience, and control you need to protect the edge layer of your applications. Built on Spring WebFlux, it also ensures an inherently non-blocking mechanism for efficiently routing and manipulating requests.

In this talk, we’ll review the motivation for Spring Cloud Gateway and demonstrate a variety of features, such as weighted routing, circuit breakers, rate limiters, and more.

Date & Time: Thursday, August 12, 2021, 11:30 AM PST

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Programming with Trees, Internationalization, TypeScript, & NodeJS with Matt Anderson

Matt will share lessons learned while working on VMware’s largest web application, the vSphere Client. As part of the team’s ongoing initiative to retire legacy frameworks and refresh the web stack with modern tools and user experience, developers have various opportunities to refine past practices that can slow us down and be just downright tedious.

Matt will walk through a hands on refactoring challenge where the team was faced with the pressure of updating 1000s of lines of code manually for an API change. So tearing a page from computer science days, he will dive into some programming tricks to spare the team from what would otherwise be weeks of monotonous technical debt cleanup work.

Using NodeJS, will explore the abstract syntax tree (AST), TypeScript parsing rule, DOM re-generation, and highlight some of the fun side projects we enjoy.

Date & Time: Thursday, August 26, 11:30 AM PST

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