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Enabling Developers in VMware Cloud on AWS

The latest release of VMware Cloud on AWS is here and it has something quite exciting built in for the automation experts, developers and DevOps teams. As part of this release, we are introducing a brand-new Developer Center. This area is a great resource allowing developers to get up and running quickly with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Developers can gain access to this information front and center as a new tab in the VMware Cloud on AWS console!

VMware Cloud on AWS Developer Center

The VMware Cloud on AWS Developer Center consists of several sections, each with the goal of helping to make the development and automation experience and learning easier.

API Explorer

The API Explorer section brings easy access to interact directly with the RESTful APIs available from the Cloud Services API and the VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) API. These APIs are presented by way of an interactive API browser with some very nice integrations making it easy to work with VMC. The API Explorer being internal to the Cloud console allows us to use the existing refresh token to authenticate. We can also automatically populate certain fields, such as the Organization ID, to help improve the experience of learning and using these APIs. Learning the API and seeing the responses from within the API Explorer could not be easier with the ability to “Execute” these APIs and see the live responses.

Developer Center - API Explorer

Code Samples

The next section is focused on code samples. These are curated directly from the samples written by both VMware and the community in a variety of formats. These samples could be written in Python, PowerShell, be a Postman collection or other integration code samples provided on the VMware Code Samples Exchange.

Developer Center - Code Samples


There is a wide variety of software development kits (SDKs) available to interact with the VMware Cloud on AWS APIs and the deployed SDDC products. The SDK section provides easy access to each of these open-sourced SDKs that are available on GitHub. There are also links to the documentation, samples, and even the ‘Getting Started’ blog post for each SDK!

Developer Center - SDKs


The last section is called Downloads. This section is where there will be a wide variety of resources available. There will be command line resources like Datacenter CLI (DCLI) and PowerCLI. Also, there will be links to provisioning tool resources from Terraform and CloudFormation.

Developer Center - Downloads


The VMware Cloud on AWS Developer Center is a fantastic new resource that’s presented front and center in the Cloud console! Whether you’re an automation expert, developer, on a DevOps team, or a mix of all the above, this is going to be the best place to get up and running with the VMware Cloud on AWS APIs. You will be able to use the integrated API Explorer for discovery, access the open-sourced SDKs that can be used against this endpoint, have links to VMware and community contributed code samples, and direct links to download other related resources like PowerCLI and CloudFormation templates.


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