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Nested ESXi on vCloud Air


One of the benefits of having vSphere as the virtual infrastructure for vCloud Air is ability to run a wide variety of guest operating systems. This includes hypervisors such as ESXi, which can be installed within vCloud Air as a virtual machine. The solution, commonly referred to as Nested ESXi, opens the door to a Read more...

Connecting vRealize Automation to vCloud Air


By: George Kobar and Neal Elinski Automation empowers you and your team to not only accelerate the delivery of infrastructure to the business but frees up precious IT time and resources. Using VMware vRealize Automation you can create self-service portals with catalogs of corporate-approved images. Your users can access these catalogs to choose what infrastructure Read more...

Capturing vCloud Air Edge Gateway Data with Syslog


A key element of designing a secure hybrid cloud is getting visibility into the network traffic of your cloud-based applications. VMware vCloud® Air™ supports the ability for customers to collect information about traffic coming to and from their edge gateway through the use of a syslog server. Powered by VMware network virtualization, the edge gateway provides Read more...