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VMware Aria Rebranding on VMware Cloud Partner Navigator

Our Cloud Services Providers may already be aware of the evolution of our VMware Partner Connect program, which included the rebranding of the two cloud provider routes to market – VMware Managed Services Providers to ‘Cloud Services Provider – SaaS’ and VMware Rental Providers to ‘Cloud Services Providers – Cloud Builders’. 

We recently also announced the renaming of the products within our Cloud Management family, including the vRealize portfolio, CloudHealth by VMware and Tanzu Observability, to the VMware Aria family. Learn more here

As of May 22, 2023, these Aria rebranding updates have been implemented on the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator portal, our unified SaaS partner platform that allows Cloud Services Providers to offer multi-cloud services and manage the customer lifecycle. 

Below are some of the changes you will see on Cloud Partner Navigator for the Aria rebranding: 

Product NameNew Name
VMware vRealize Operations Cloud VMware Aria Operations 
VMware vRealize Automation 
VMware Cloud Assembly 
VMware Code Stream 
VMware Service Broker 
VMware Aria Automation 
Service Broker 
VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud VMware Aria Operations for Networks 
VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud VMware Aria Operations for Logs 
 CloudHealth by VMware VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth 
VMware CloudHealth Secure StateVMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds
VMware Tanzu ObservabilityVMware Aria Operations for Applications
SkylineSkyline Advisor
vRealize Cloud Subscription ManagerVMware Aria Hub Subscription

Check out these resources for more information:

For Cloud Services Provider – Cloud Builder partners –

For Cloud Services Provider – SaaS partners –


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