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Feature Friday Episode 110 – Digital Sovereignty and the EU

Join Antione Larpin and myself as we discuss some of the aspects of Digital Sovereignty and how the EU is moving with legislation and more focus on the importance of Sovereignty in our data economy. In the European Union, the need for sovereignty has particularly been expressed as an answer to the vulnerabilities arising from over-dependence in a globalized world.

Whilst every country has its own take and approach on sovereignty, we also see a multiplication of national initiatives, growing fast, which could lead to protectionism – where differing nations’ sovereign mandates cannot be merged or aligned with an EU mandate. Time is moving faster than legislation and there is a real risk of missing an opportunity to align, however new legislation in the EU pipeline should provide an improved stance concerning Digital Sovereignty.

VMware provides a multi-cloud solution that entails a “cloud smart” approach. A “cloud smart” approach means that the customer is equipped with the right tools and flexibility to choose the best cloud scenario according to their specific situation, keeping in mind differing demands, requirements, and needs in terms of data criticality and workload efficiency, performance, security, sustainability etc. This allows for several cloud offerings to be interoperable with each other and thus avoids one-sided dependencies.

Find out more about Digital Sovereignty and how the EU is adapting to Sovereign requirements. https://bit.ly/3UgGvDB

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