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Feature Friday Episode 102 – VMware Secure Access Service Edge

VMware Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) combines network and security functions with WAN capabilities to support the ever-growing needs of today’s hybrid organizations. Work working from home, now an acceptable reality for many employees, organisations need to control access to applications and secure access at the edge ever more so. 

What’s different about VMware SASE?

Using secure access and automated access to applications via Workspace ONE, you can differentiate your cloud offerings. By extending into your customer’s application domain and delivering a complete integrated experience for the digital workforce. VMware builds in Edge Network Intelligence for automated insights on network health and application delivery, making it a great solution to provide to customers going through app modernization initiatives.  

VMware SASE is a very comprehensive solution with VMware SD-WAN to virtualize WAN connections. VMware Secure Access to enable secure, high-performance access for remote and mobile users. VMware Edge Network Intelligence to automated insights on the network health and application delivery. VMware Cloud Web Security delivers cloud-based security for web threat protection, compliance, and SaaS control. And, lastly, Workspace ONE application workspace platform delivers zero trust application access. Together this portfolio provides a real differentiator for our Cloud Partners, enabling better alignment with organization application usage where providers already have the ‘data gravity’ of cloud in their data centers, making this an easy upsell.


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