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Release Announcement: Object Storage Extension 2.1.1

Object Storage Extension (OSE), the most reliable software defined accoutrement to support S3 storage for VMware Cloud Director ecosystem announces the General Availability of version 2.1.1. It is available to download from VMware Customer Connect.

After the General Availability of OSE 2.1 in September 2021, we moved to the development of OSE 2.1.1. This release brings two major enhancements with support for additional operating systems and improved features to manage objects for ECS 3.6 users.  

Let’s explore the features in details.

Support for additional operating systems

OSE 2.1 now supports a wide range of well-established Linux distributions to encompass a large community of users. Operating systems such as Photon OS 3 and up, Ubuntu 18 and up and Debian 10 and later versions can be used to run Object Storage Extension 2.1.1.

Object Lock and object tagging for Dell ECS 3.6 users

VMware Cloud Director Tenant users can now be mapped to ECS Identity and Account Access Management (IAM) instead of ECS object users which allows the users to independently manage object lock and tagging features. Object lock prevents objects from being overwritten or deleted for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely, this feature can be set up when creating a bucket. Similarly, object tagging allows users to categorize buckets by assigning tags to individual objects using key-value pairs.

User mapping can be upgraded with a single click in cloud provider portal however, the upgrade is optional.

Additional Support

  • Object Storage Interoperability Services (OSIS)

Due to the increasing demand from Cloud Providers, in the previous release we introduced Object Storage Interoperability Services (OSIS) which offers a stack of interoperability services and an extensibility framework for Cloud Providers and storage vendors to integrate any third-party, S3 compliant object storage platform within VMware Cloud Director. The interoperability services offer a set of REST APIs and vendors can use OSIS stub, OSIS verifier, and Common Test Suites to understand specification, verify readiness, and test compatibility of the OSIS implementation.

  • Discover all the resolved issues

Here’s a link to our release notes, to get a full snapshot of all the resolved issues, caveats and limitations.

Upgrading to VMware Cloud Director Object Storage 2.1.1 is simple and easy, please visit our upgrade guide page to for all the necessary details. For more questions, please connect with us via our dedicated Slack channel and we’d be happy to respond to your queries and feedback.  If you are not a member yet then please email us for access to the VMware Cloud Provider slack channel.

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