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Upgrading VMware Cloud Director to 10.3

A few weeks ago VMware announced the launch of VMware Cloud Director 10.3, so in this post we are going to review what are the steps to update to this latest version.

If your environment is already in VMware Cloud Director 10.1.x or 10.2.x the upgrade path should be straight forward, but if you are in an older version the upgrade procedure can be rather complex and may require careful planning.

No direct upgrade path is available for VMware Cloud Director v10.3 upgrade before VMware Cloud Director 10.1.x

There is no direct upgrade path from VMware Cloud Director 9.7 or 10.0 to 10.3; In this case, a multi-step upgrade must be performed to get the version to a supported version (10.1.x or above) for the upgrade to 10.3.


Planning is a critical step, we need to be sure about the compatibility of VMware Cloud Director with other VMware products and with third-party databases.

Starting with VMware Cloud Director 9.5:

  • Oracle databases are unsupported. If your existing VMware Cloud Director installation uses an Oracle database, see the Upgrade and Migration Paths table.
  • Enabling and disabling ESXi hosts is unsupported. Before starting the upgrade, you must enable all ESXi hosts. You can place the ESXi hosts in maintenance mode by using the vSphere Client.
  • VMware Cloud Director uses Java with an improved LDAP support. If you are using an LDAPS server, to avoid LDAP login failures, you must verify that you have a properly constructed certificate. For information, see the Java 8 Release Changes at https://www.java.com.

Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.0, Microsoft SQL Server databases are unsupported.

When you are upgrading VMware Cloud Director, the new version must be compatible with the following components of your existing installation:

  • The database software you are currently using for the VMware Cloud Director database. For more information, see the Upgrade and Migration Paths table.
  • The VMware vSphere ® release you are currently using.
  • The VMware NSX® release that you are currently using.

For information about the compatibility of VMware Cloud Director with other VMware products and with third-party databases, refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices at Product Interoperability Matrix 

Also, is highly recommended to Back Up:

  • VMware Cloud Director cell VM’s.
  • VMware Cloud Director database.
  • VMware Cloud Director licenses.
  • Snapshots of virtual machines.
  • SSL certificates.

Upgrading from VMware Cloud director from 10.1.x or above

As already mentioned Upgrading from 10.1.x or 10,2,x is the easiest way, because we can go directly to 10.3 

Upgrading from 10.1.x or Above 

Upgrading from VMware Cloud director from 9.7 or 10.0

If the current VMware Cloud Director is 9.7 0r 10.0 we need to upgrade to 10.2 and from there we can go to 10.3 

Upgrading from VMware Cloud director from 9.7 or 10.0


If issues arise during the upgrade, restore the VMware Cloud Director cells from backup. Also, restore the VMware Cloud Director database from backup and restore Cassandra nodes from backup.

If the issue persists, contact VMware Technical Support for assistance.


Are you planning to Upgrade VMware Cloud Director?,if you have any questions contact me and together we can plan the correct steps.


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