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VMware Cloud Director Availability Content Pack


1.0 (for vRealize Log Insight) – download it today!


VMware Cloud Director Availability (VCDA) content pack provides insight into the logs and event notifications of VMware Cloud Director Availability. The content pack contains various dashboards, queries, and alerts that allow taking informed and proactive decisions in the disaster recovery environment.

  • Quickly identify issues: The VCDA Problems dashboard provides a single pane of glass to identify problems in the VCDA environment.
  • Alerts: Know what to monitor in your VCDA environment and receive notifications when detecting such events.


IMPORTANT: All dashboards, queries, and alerts in VMware Cloud Director Availability content pack depend on Syslog notifications in VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0 + being enabled and configured to function correctly. For more information on how to enable Syslog notifications, check the VMware Cloud Director Availability documentation.


  • Dashboards with overview, problems, replications and migrations
  • Alerts for connectivity issues, RPO violations, sites offline and component health
  • Monitoring of certificate and license expiration

Manage your VMware Cloud Director Availability better than ever before utilizing the 4.0 syslog feature and centralize your messages into vRealize Log Insight, a free component in the Flex Core bundle today!


Download it today!