As many small businesses know, consumers have preferences when it comes to paying for goods. For example, 40 percent of consumers responding to a TSYS survey say they prefer using their credit cards for purchases. Another 35 percent prefer debit cards. However, there’s a far more important question for small to medium-sized businesses: cash or credit?


The answer: it depends. TSYS found that if a bill exceeded a certain dollar amount, consumers would opt to swipe their card instead. The survey also found that if a small business had a ‘cash only’ policy, then customers would likely move onto a business that accepts credit/debit cards.


It appears cash only, while desirable to some small business, is bad for business.


But establishing a card payment system doesn’t have to be difficult. Dream Payments, powered by IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, can set a small business up with a safe and secure payment system in as little as 15 minutes. All that’s needed is a card reader, software and Bluetooth technology. This ease of setting up and launching a new payment processing system is possible thanks to Dream Payment’s decision to move its infrastructure to the IBM Cloud.


It’s a small, transportable payments system that — thanks to IBM and VMware — can scale with a business as it grows.


Christian Ali, Chief Marketing Officer of Dream Payments explains, “[businesses] need a secure, cloud-based infrastructure to [process payments] quickly and effectively and in a manner that’s cost-effective.” Business owners can offer their customers payment options using this secure, encrypted point of sale technology.


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