Competition has a way of forcing change in any business. How a business navigates that change can determine who wins and who loses. So when competitive pressure forced cloud infrastructure provider PhoenixNAP to make changes to their product, they turned to VMware’s vCloud Director.


In a new whitepaper, we explore how PhoenixNAP used vCloud Director to outmaneuver the competition, saving the company millions in development cost and almost a year in development time. The whitepaper highlights a number of powerful use cases for vCloud Director and how the platform is saving companies like PhoenixNAP valuable time and money. We briefly explore PhoenixNap’s story below:


New Neighborhood, New Competitor
Shortly, after opening its first colocation in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2010, PhoenixNAP was confronted with a fellow cloud services competitor. The challenger offered a more premium managed version of PhoenixNAP’s services and was a direct threat to their bottom-line. Leaders at PhoenixNAP recognized that in order to stay competitive in the crowded industry landscape they needed to meet customer demand for a better integrated and managed cloud service – in short, they needed to make changes and fast.


To meet these strict demands, PhoenixNAP chose the VMware vCloud Director cloud management platform. The vCloud Director platform allowed PhoenixNap to quickly deliver advanced feature sets such as self-service capabilities and enhanced security services without requiring the company to develop a solution on their own, realizing tremendous cost savings and a quicker path to deployment.



According to William Bell, vice president of products at PhoenixNAP, he estimates vCloud Director saved the IT team between 12 to 18 months of development time and around $1.35 million. Additionally, vCloud Director knocked off another $250,000 in annual maintenance costs.


With the time and resources saved, Bell has been able to place more of his team’s focus on PhoenixNAP’s core product, improving the companies overall position against competitors. Looking ahead, PhoenixNAP plans to further the integration between vCloud Director and their proprietary platform while delivering new self-service capabilities to customers.


To hear more about PhoenixNAP’s experience with vCloud Director, download the full whitepaper here.


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