Gone are the days of IT hiding in backroom storage closets. Today, IT is taking center stage. Thanks to the surge of cloud and platform-based solutions, enterprise IT is now a critical area of focus for every industry. For those departments that manage IT, this sudden rise to fame has brought with it both opportunity and new challenges as leaders race to meet the demanding IT needs of today.


Hybrid Cloud

Image 1: Bridging the divide between on-premise and public cloud.



“How can modern IT deliver on the promise of new technologies today?”


Kauro Fukumoto asks this question in the whitepaper, Fast, Flexible Operations: The Hybrid Cloud. It’s a question that IT leaders are asking themselves and teams continually. The answer: simplification of operations.


In this second installment of the two-part Partnership Spotlight on NTT Communications we explore how simplifying internal IT operations can unleash the cloud’s true potential for the enterprise.


As detailed in the whitepaper, the simplification of operations – if implemented immediately – promises to promote future and continued IT success . In Fukumoto’s own words, the singular act of simplification produces a “chain reaction of positive effects” within IT organizations.


One highlighted area of operation in need of simplification is the interaction between existing on-premise IT solutions and those in the public cloud. To effectively manage these two solutions as one continuous hybrid cloud, Fukumoto suggests employing tools and solutions that work across both on- and off-premise datacenters. Thereby simplifying the processes involved in managing the two environments.


NTT Communications

Image 2: Hybrid solutions are revolutionizing the relationship between the on- and off-premise data centers.



The whitepaper explores efforts from NTT Communications to simplify on- and off-premise datacenters by providing traditional IT infrastructure hardware-as-a-cloud-service. This allows users to deploy the virtual on-premise infrastructure they are familiar with in a new public cloud environment. Ultimately, NTT Communications and VMware create a more unified operation within the hybrid cloud, providing customers with the many advantages that come with hybrid architectures without additional overhead.


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This is the second post in our two-part Partnership Spotlight series for NTT Communications. Follow this link to read part one.