For, agility is everything. So when they needed an agile, hybrid infrastructure to tackle peak online volume times they turned to OVH and the VMware vCloud® Air™ Network. is the number one seller of European rail tickets.


Voyages, a subsidiary of SNCF the French Railroad company, is tasked with the digital production and management of digital services to support SNCF. With over 750 employees and €100 million in revenue, Voyages enables SNCF to deliver value to customers across Europe through innovative end-to-end digital solutions.


The primary business challenge Voyages is tasked with is ticketing. On days of high volume, SNCF can sell upwards of 39 train tickets per second servicing more than 1.5 million customers. This variance in ticketing volume requires an agile cloud solution capable of scaling up or down at a moment’s notice.


Additionally, only tolerates a maximum of 15 minutes downtime per year. Finding a partner that could both handle high volume loads and ensure limited downtime was a top priority.


In order to meet these strict demands, Voyages partnered with OVH and vCloud Air Network. With their support, Voyages is now able to double its infrastructure on peak days, adding the equivalent of an entire datacenter in under 50 minutes. And because much of Voyages’ internal infrastructure is built within the VMware ecosystem, integration with external applications was effortless.


Voyages plans to expand its partnership with OVH and vCloud Air Network in the coming year by creating a fully autonomous datacenter. Eventually, Voyages hopes to create an entire business continuity plan built specifically for the cloud environment.


To learn more about Voyage SNCF’s journey to the cloud, watch the video below and be sure to stop by to see how vCloud Air Service Partners can help you on your journey.