By Tina Cressia-Thomas


In Silicon Valley, it’s common to hear of companies, “dogfooding” their product – using their own product internally – to quickly iterate and develop a better user experience before releasing to customers. There’s plenty of famous examples; however, it’s not every day you hear of a large, publicly-traded company doing the same. But in 2012, VMware did exactly that.


In a recently released whitepaper, we dive into the events that lead VMware developers to internally dogfood a newly created product. The experiment that followed was a huge success, resulting in the creation of the OneCloud platform which now runs more that 100,000 virtual machines (VMs) for internal users around the world.


Consolidation, The VMware Way

From the start, developers of the OneCloud platform were given one goal: to consolidate the sprawling internal cloud IT resources that had organically grown within the company.


The challenge gave developers the opportunity to better understand the products they create, including pain points. Matthew Meyer, OneCloud solution architect explains further, “We [VMware] believe that making our developers feel our own products’ pain points leads to better end products.”


Meyer was right. As detailed in the whitepaper, the OneCloud platform was created using VMware’s vCloud Director and the whole of the VMware stack. By using their own products, developers were able to build a robust infrastructure in only three months’ time and gained valuable insight into their own products.


vCloud Director


Since its creation, OneCloud has proven itself a vital internal resource for VMware worldwide. The platform has eliminated departments’ CapEx costs, shifting traditional CapEx budget towards the more accountant friendly OpEx cost. Coupled with vCloud Director, the OneCloud platform provides support teams with the infrastructure they need to quickly address bugs and resolve issues much faster than before. Additionally, the VMware network security group streamlined their security architecture, creating a simpler more user-friendly security network within the OneCloud platform.


As the benefits of OneCloud continue to roll in, Meyer and his team look forward to continuing the development of new features and capabilities.


For more details on the vCloud Director Platform and OneCloud, download the whitepaper. Also stop by the vCloud Blog for the most up to date information of vCloud Director and the vCloud Air Network.