The VMware vCloud® Air™ Network is a global network of over 4000 service providers in 116 countries. Together, these providers distribute and deploy over 3 million VMs! It’s an unbelievable scale, but what does this mean for users?


It means giving users the cloud solutions they need at the enterprise level from any location in the world at scale. To illustrate this worldwide availability of cloud services, consider disaster recovery – an often overlooked, but critically important business need.


In this month’s vTechTalk, I discuss the vCloud Air Network and disaster recovery specifically how you can use vCloud to augment and improve your current disaster recovery processes. In the video, which you can find on our YouTube channel, I walk through the benefits of disaster recovery within the vCloud Air Environment and how VMware’s global network of providers can help any enterprise quickly scale its disaster recovery needs.



With VMware vCloud, customers have access to disaster recovery solutions that are globally distributed and, best of all, built from the ground-up with VMware’s vSphere replication environment. This makes it very easy for users to deploy a disaster recovery solution within their on-premise datacenters and then connect it to outside public clouds within the vCloud Air Network.


This hybrid disaster recovery and globally distributed approach yields huge advantages for customers such as limited downtime, automatic VM failover and switching, and minimal interruptions to core workloads during a disaster. Of course, the list goes on…


For more details on disaster recovery within the vCloud Air Network, I encourage you to watch the vTechTalk. And if you’re interested in learning more about service provider solutions that can fit your enterprise, check out our helpful search function here. Easily find service providers that fit your needs from a single search.


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