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VMware vCloud Air and OVH Group, Here’s What’s Next

By: Allwyn Sequeira, SVP and GM, vCloud Air

Today, we are pleased to announce the next step in VMware vCloud Air’s evolution – OVH Group intends to acquire our vCloud Air business including our U.S. and European vCloud Air data centers, customer facing teams, and enterprise-ready cloud operations team. This is an evolution of our cloud business strategy as we pivot to providing hybrid and cross-cloud software and services, and lessening our focus on providing physical cloud infrastructure.


We have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with OVH and we believe this acquisition is great for our customers and partners. Customers will have access to OVH’s global footprint and high-touch customer support while retaining the VMware SDDC and hybrid cloud technology innovation that they are accustom to. You can learn more about our relationship with OVH, and the unique capabilities they will bring to our vCloud Air customers, on Radius.


The introduction of bi-directional, zero downtime cloud migration and the hybrid DMZ architecture has enabled our customers to accelerate the pace of migration to the cloud, to modernize their infrastructure and support business agility and elasticity requirements, while maintaining security, compliance and control. Our customers will continue to enjoy these benefits with vCloud Air Powered by OVH.


vCloud Air Powered by OVH will continue to uniquely solve three critical IT challenges for customers, providing:


  • An affordable disaster recover option: With a software-defined approach, vCloud Air Disaster Recovery makes DR a self-service operation that is simple to implement and manage. vCloud Air creates a cost-effective alternate to redundant data centers, using multiple vendors or expensive managed services to support disaster recovery and back-up. vCloud Air eliminates compatibility issues between your on-premises environment and disaster recovery cloud. Leveraging vSphere Replication technology, VMware makes it simple to protect the millions of vSphere workloads running in data centers, regardless of what storage arrays are used.
  • An efficient way to extend their data center: Enterprises looking to build and provision IT resources as fast as the needs of the business can turn to vCloud Air to extend their current data center environments. vCloud Air can help customers that have difficulty scaling workloads up and down as needed, have seasonal or other shifting capacity requirements, or need help meeting application performance requirements.
  • A complete data center replacement: Many enterprises come to VMware to deliver on their plans to consolidate data center resources to reduce costs, or to reduce CapEx investments by getting out of the data center business. vCloud Air enables enterprises to avoid the problems often associated with moving to the cloud, such as the degree of time consumed around cloud migration, set up processes and new skill set acquisition. With vCloud Air, IT can keep control over the infrastructure by common access control, security and network policies.


We continue to focus on fulfilling our cross-cloud strategy and are very pleased with the customer enthusiasm. We believe we have the world’s most complete and capable hybrid cloud architecture, uniquely offering customers freedom and control in their infrastructure decisions. We remain committed to delivering our broader Cross-Cloud Architecture that extends our hybrid cloud strategy, enabling customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment.


I’m very proud of our VMware vCloud Air team, who have delivered a robust, differentiated enterprise cloud platform built on the foundation of VMware vSphere and NSX, making it easy for enterprises to extend to the cloud from on-premises environments through workload portability, seamless networking, and common management.


Congratulations to the vCloud Air team for their continued success, and I look forward to working with vCloud Air customers to help them realize even more benefits with OVH U.S.


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