Sunday is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a holiday devoted to the value of advanced healthcare planning. And just as planning for your future healthcare needs and preferences is important, it is also essential healthcare IT leaders prepare for that future by leveraging the public cloud. This future-proof preparation promises to provide new levels of patient care and medical research.


Healthcare IT


Across the nation, IT leaders are modernizing their infrastructure with data center extension, replacement, and disaster recovery solutions powered by VMware vCloud Air, the secure public cloud for VMware workloads. vCloud Air solutions empower healthcare organizations to remain agile in a growing fast-paced industry and ensure their IT success long into the future.


Our eBook Solving Healthcare IT Challenges Through the Public Cloud and VMware shares the stories of how IT leaders of several healthcare companies realized the cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies that the public cloud delivers – without compromising the investments they’ve made in their on-premises data centers or the ability to meet the diverse computing needs of modern medical research and patient care. Companies are able to save thousands in CapEx and OpEx, increase the speed of service for end-users, and safeguard patient care by eliminating the chance of downtime in case of disaster.


Healthcare IT eBook


Explore our eBook to learn more about how vCloud Air can help your company prepare for its future IT needs, and how it has helped our customers in the healthcare industry!