By Tina Cressia-Thomas, Senior Product Marketing Manager for vCloud Director 



Revera vCloud Director

When Revera, a New Zealand-based IT Infrastructure and Platform Services company, needed to supply cloud IT services to government agencies they turned to VMware. With the aid of VMware’s vCloud Director cloud management platform, Revera deployed its IT solution a year earlier than originally planned. The deployment was a smashing success and helped skyrocket the company’s growth to 45 percent annually.


So, how’d they do it?


In our whitepaper, we explore Revera’s implementation of vCloud Director and the stunning results for the company’s bottom line. The whitepaper provides a detailed description of how the vCloud Director cloud management platform enabled Revera to give its customers a user-friendly self-service portal without the need for bloated head counts or lengthy development.


Additionally, because Revera was already an existing user of VMware – having built their cloud company with VMware’s virtualization stack – the decision to use vCloud Director paved the way for a seamless integration with their existing solutions.


Mike Walls, the national manager of portfolio and professional services at Revera, explains his choice in selecting vCloud Director:


“The main reason we decided to implement vCloud Director back in 2011 was for its ability to provide a self-service capability, whether by user interface or API, so clients could provision their own infrastructure services.”


For Revera, the ability to offer its customers self-service capabilities was make or break. Without that, any solution they deployed would not prove successful in delivering on the most basic of use cases. Fortunately, vCloud Director gave them the self-service features they desired, benefiting both the company and Revera’s loyal customers.


After the deployment of vCloud Director platform, the Revera team found themselves well-positioned for new clients and the rapid growth that followed – it was truly a match made in the cloud.


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Tina Cressia-Thomas is Senior Product Marketing Manager for vCloud Director within the vCloud Air Network (vCAN).  Tina has responsibility for vCloud Director Go-To-Market strategies with a primary focus on the Service Provider market; however, with an understanding of the importance of the Enterprise sector.