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Migration Strategies for the Hybrid Cloud: An Essential Hybridity Guide

It’s a new month, and you know what that means: we’re back again with another edition of vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (vCAT-SP) blog series! Every third week of the month, we publish a new article in our ongoing series detailing the many exciting use cases of the VMware vCloud Solution. These informational posts will help you take full advantage of the innovative tools and superior cloud solutions found in the vCloud environment.


But before we dive into this month’s topic, let’s look back at our most recent vCAT-SP blog series posts:



In this latest edition of the series, we will be exploring the recently released whitepaper detailing hybrid cloud migration, which is available for download below:



The whitepaper, Migration Strategies for Hybrid Cloud, sheds light on the unique factors that must be accounted for during migration to a hybrid cloud environment. The document details industry best practices and the many useful features and capabilities found in VMware vCloud Services. One such best practice is the use of a Center of Excellence or COE.


A Center of Excellence During Migration – A Hybridity Must Have
At the core of the vCloud Air solution is an emphasis on hybridity. With vCloud, users maximize existing on-premise data center investments while simultaneously leveraging the benefits found in the public cloud through a hybrid cloud architecture. But before such a structure can be put in place, migration from on-premise data centers to off-site public cloud servers is necessary. To do so, VMware recommends using a Center of Excellence (COE) within the VMware vCloud® Air™ Network.


A look at the Center of Excellence (COE) within the vCloud Air Network.


As detailed in the whitepaper, a COE, whether internal or external, is the point of contact throughout the migration process. This COE should be aware of migration tools, use cases, and the many core service architectures found within vCAT-SP. The whitepaper details ways to identify and evaluate COE’s to best fit your organization’s migration needs.


With a COE selected, your organization is ready to begin the process of migration. There are several stages organizations must navigate for a successful migration to the cloud, but the underlying process can be summarized as the alignment of four types of tools (pictured below): Discovery & Assessment, Job Scheduling, Workload Migration, and Application Verification


A closer examination of the four tool types necessary for migration.


The whitepaper explores these four types of tools in detail outlining the steps to streamline selection, setup, and implementation of selected cloud services. The result of this careful consideration and deployment is the gold at the end of the rainbow – the creation of an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud architecture leveraging best-in-class VMware tools and services.


If you’re ready to embark on your own migration journey, download the whitepaper and set your organization up for success from the start. Also, be sure to visit the vCloud Architecture Toolkit homepage where you can find more information about vCAT-SP and VMware Solutions.


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