Your boss is pressuring you about it, every article you read online mentions it, and now your customers expect it. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the move – to the cloud.




Of course, as many organizations quickly discover, the realities of migrating to the cloud are not cut and dry. The process of deploying new public cloud services at the enterprise level is multi-layered, time consuming, and downright complex.


Often senior decision makers must balance between maximizing the investments already made in on-premise datacenter solutions and the operational advantages only found in the public cloud. Fortunately, there are resources and services available to organizations to bridge these two, seemingly combative, objectives: the hybrid cloud.


VMware vCloud Air and hybrid cloud services are bringing both on-premise and public cloud solutions together under one hybrid infrastructure – realizing the benefits of both without the disadvantages.


Join us during our next live webcast, Journey to the Cloud, to learn the ins and outs of hybrid cloud migration beginning with planning all the way to cut off. Presenter Trey Tyler will take attendees through a technical deep-dive into the different strategies for cloud migration, as well as the different considerations before, during, and after a hybrid migration takes place.


Learn how VMware solutions create a seamless path to the cloud for any enterprise, regardless of size or operational needs. And best of all, with VMware solutions migrations can be completed with zero downtime.


Reserve your spot today! Registration for the webcast is open, simply follow the link here and start your journey to the cloud.


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