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Cloud Migration Essentials for vCloud Air

As organizations look ahead to where they want to be in 10-15 years, they recognize the need to fundamentally change how they operate IT and truly embrace the pubic cloud. Many are looking to accelerate their public cloud adoption in the most cost efficient and timely manner. Many have already made huge investments on-premises, not just in hardware, but in talent, skillsets, tools, and expertise.


And many recognize the need to develop new apps in native public clouds but cannot necessarily make the wholesale investments in talent to support this nor can they simply let go of the talent they already have. So they are looking for more practical and realistic ways to get the advantages of public cloud while still leveraging what they already know, using the talent they already have. Migrating workloads with minimal disruption is key to solving this challenge.


Not if but when: Key Cloud Migration Decisions

The most expensive and time consuming part of any migration project is application conversion, which results in large maintenance windows during data center migration and consolidation projects. Learn how to minimize maintenance downtime with different migration options available via VMware vCloud Air.


Join our webcast April 23rd and discover how VMware solutions can help accelerate public cloud adoption quickly for existing workloads. In this webcast, we will share some best practices for migrating existing workloads to the cloud. We will also examine the key considerations for grouping workloads for migration.


The aspiration for using cloud services often outpaces the actual adoption. However, with the best practices and processes outlined in this webinar, you will be able to stay on target.

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