According to recent polls, 92% of US IT professionals stated that adopting the cloud is vital to the long-term business success. Yet even with this brimming optimism, a staggering 90% of workloads today are executed outside of the cloud. The reason: cloud migration is complex.


Hybrid DMZ


We hear you.


Between compatibility issues, application changes, and security policies the list of considerations that must be accounted for before migrating to the public cloud is daunting. Fortunately, vCloud Air has several powerful tools that take the complexity out of migration ensuring seamless on-premise to cloud transfer and high-speed network extensions.


Speed of Light Migration and Network Extension with Hybrid Cloud Manager
VMware’s vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager gives users the ability to extend existing networks and VMs to the cloud with unparalleled speed. As the video below will show, Hybrid Cloud Manager allows users to stretch networks into the cloud at multi gigabit speeds with just a few clicks.



Best of all, vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager enables vMotion-based bi-directional long-distance migration, meaning zero downtime during migration. Users can keep system critical applications up and running throughout the entire migration process, regardless of how far the applications must travel.


Additionally, Hybrid Cloud Manager migrates  existing network and security policies from your on-premises environment to maintain existing security controls. You can find more details on the features of Hybrid Cloud Manager here.


Don’t Move and Ditch, Keep Your Same First-Class Security Policies with Hybrid DMZ

Migrating and extending your existing data centers is just one consideration in the cloud migration process. Ensuring your data stays secure is another.


vCloud Air Hybrid DMZ allows users to extend their existing networking security policies to the public cloud without compromising control and protection. The video below will help you better understand the structure of Hybrid DMZ.



Through the consolidation of multiple cloud entry points, Hybrid DMZ ensures users a secure architecture throughout the migration process and beyond. Hybrid DMZ streamlines existing shared core services into a single-entry point providing access to current vCloud Air deployments.


Best of all, Hybrid DMZ is 100 percent compatible with many organization’s existing on-premise architecture allowing users to maintain the same security governance and network policies.


Migrating to the public cloud can feel insurmountable from the onset, but by taking advantage of VMware’s compatabile services and features,  public cloud adoption – for any organization – becomes a reality.


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