It’s no secret that moving to the cloud at the enterprise level is challenging. Large organizations invest huge amounts of technical resources and employee time crafting on-premise solutions – and no company wants to see that investment go down the drain. That’s where BMSIX comes in.


BMSIX helps enterprise customers in Brazil move to the cloud by removing the traditional barriers of adoption. Through strategic partnerships with IBM and VMware, BMSIX can provide its customers with first-class cloud migration support without the need to ditch existing applications, data centers, and services. Its seamless cloud migration uses the same technology and assets already in use. The video below details BMSIX’s partnerships with IBM and VMware vCloud Air Network:



Cloud computing providers like BMSIX understand that each customer’s cloud needs are unique, often requiring a mix of multiple solutions. Fortunately within the VMware vCloud Air Network ecosystem, meeting those unique needs is as easy as drag and drop.


As a member of the vCloud Air Network, BMSIX’s solutions dramatically shorten the time to market for its customers – an important consideration for businesses of any size. Time to deployment in the public cloud is cut down from months to minutes and there’s zero downtime of critical applications throughout the migration.


What makes BMSIX’s software defined datacenter solution particularly exciting to prospective customers is the ease of deployment to the IBM cloud. Users can quickly migrate to the IBM cloud without sacrificing prior investments, major application changes, or valuable time.


And the results speak for themselves. Since partnering with VMware and IBM, BMSIX’s revenue for cloud services is up 50 percent for the year, and growing. BMSIX plans to enter U.S. markets soon, offering its customers superior solutions backed by cloud industry leaders VMware and IBM.


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