Higher Education faces new challenges as institutions strive to meet the modern demand for 24/7 access to learning and administrative services from students and faculty, pressures that have ultimately pushed the limits of many campus’ data center abilities. In order to effectively re-tool their data center structure, IT decision-makers are embracing the public cloud to build an agile infrastructure that streamlines operations, ensures scalability and supports innovation.


Higher education decision-makers also can’t afford for operations to go dark on campus while IT integrates new technologies that impact the data center. Complementing existing technology investments to ensure a smooth transition is critical for many IT staff in the trenches.

Fortunately for existing VMware vSphere customers, utilizing the public cloud to fortify and future-proof their data center structure has been a seamless undertaking thanks to  vCloud Air. vCloud Air is the secure, dedicated public cloud for VMware workloads—built by VMware, on vSphere, for VMware end-users.


Ultimately, vCloud Air allows higher education IT leaders to easily connect to the public cloud with existing vSphere workloads and third-party applications, creating new opportunities to meet the support needs of cutting-edge academic research—all while keeping cross-campus data secure.


From securely extending your data center to the cloud to disaster recovery, take a moment to discover how different institutions have transformed their infrastructure with vCloud Air in our new eBook, Solving Critical IT Challenges for Higher Education.


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