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Virtualization 2.0: How the Cloud is Evolving the Modern Data Center

In 2003, 80% of Fortune 100 companies worked with VMware and in 2004 the first VMworld conference was held. Since that time, the cloud has gone mainstream. A 2016 IT Trends Report from Solar Wind found that 92% of US IT professionals said adopting cloud technologies is important to their long-term business success. Despite all this, challenges around using public cloud remain.

Is the public cloud really happening?

Why are businesses looking at hybrid cloud and what are the benefits? The main driver is the fact that cloud is agile. It enables migrations, backups, internal cloud, and multi-tenant — plus it works well in a world where almost everything is as-a-service. In addition, 76% of IDC’s CloudView Survey respondents expected to be able to migrate applications and data from their onsite datacenter to a public cloud and/or migrate among multiple cloud providers, depending on business and IT requirements. This highlights the importance of workload migration across cloud deployment models and indicates substantial interest in hybrid cloud implementation. Despite all this, 90% of workloads are still not in the cloud. Why is that?

Compatibility and app/data portability

Understanding which workloads are right is an issue, and so is compatibility. What’s the best way to move workloads from one data center to another data center? Many IT admins use vMotion, but it’s a challenge when going across multiple hypervisors due to compatibility issues arise. The typical physical data center gets refreshed every 5-7 years which creates IT management challenges. SharePoint is a good example.

SharePoint is a very typical enterprise three-tier app. What IT teams tend to find with SharePoint when deploying into enterprises is users just keep uploading more and more files, creating a storage issue. Having to do more with less when data storage needs keep growing is a prime reason to look to the cloud for a solution. VMware vCloud Air can solve some of those challenges and enables key use cases including:

  • Email and Collaboration
    • Exchange, SharePoint, social media, VDI
  • Web and E-Commerce
    • 3-tier web apps, mobile app development, content delivery
  • Custom/Line of Business
    • Data analytics, business intelligence

But in order to fully address compatibility and portability challenges, an overarching solution has to be implemented – one that supports data center extension, replacement, and protection needs.

Modernizing with VMware vCloud Air

Success in the cloud depends on data centers being modernized. Data center extension can address things like seasonal bursts, data center replacement that can handle mergers and acquisitions, and data center protection that enables disaster recovery are all important. VMware vCloud Air provides an integrated solution for onsite and offsite IT resource provisioning, management, migration, and usage.


Based on VMware’s software-defined datacenter platform, VMware vSphere, vCloud Air is the path to the public cloud for VMware customers, leveraging the management framework and tools they already have in place to support onsite applications and workloads. Built on trusted enterprise-grade technology, vCloud Air enables the seamless “inside out” datacenter extension needed to run and manage both legacy and new cloud workloads onsite or in the cloud without recoding the application or re-architecting the internal IT environment.

VMware also brings a broad ecosystem of partners to its public cloud value proposition. This ecosystem includes technology, consulting, and integration partners as well as the VMware vCloud Air Network of nearly 4,000 service provider partners that offer a range of complementary management, applications, and options for vCloud Air deployments. More than 5,000 applications, 90+ operating systems, and infrastructure software tools have been optimized and certified for VMware environments, ensuring compatibility and convergence with existing IT investments.

To learn more about the ways vCloud Air is modernizing the data center, download this free eBook!


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