By Monica Brink, iland

If there’s a secret to business success in this crazy era of digital transformation, it may come down to just three letters: API.

iland has built a business on integrating application program interfaces into our secure cloud platform. In 2008, as we moved to the cloud, we started working with the VMware team and the VMware vCloud Director® multitenant platform that enables scale and agility. Using the vCloud Director solution as a foundation, we built a state-of-the-art custom console that allows our clients and their end customers to leverage the power and flexibility of APIs. This console, part of the iland Secure Cloud, now taps into the power of more than 20 external, third-party services, such as the VMware vCenter™ solution, the VMware NSX® Manager™ solution, Salesforce, and Veeam Software.


Using our intuitive interface, end customers get self-service capabilities for optimizing the performance of their infrastructures by, among other things, quickly provisioning services, setting role-based security, and analyzing granular traffic patterns. Through the console’s transparent billing capabilities, they get insight into expenses and ways to reduce costs. iland customers can also make feature recommendations via the console to improve our solution.

“We take a whole ecosystem of best-of-breed products and present that in a single pane of glass,” says my colleague, Justin Giardina, CTO of iland.

That’s externally. Internally, we are also using APIs, such as the vCenter solution and Salesforce, to power custom tools that run many aspects of our sales and technical operations. When our support staff members are trying to troubleshoot issues with customers, they can log in to our internal portal, which accesses APIs to make recommendations on how to solve the problems. We can also quickly and automatically provision new clients; and our sales guys, by having access to the right information that the APIs provide, know when to call on customers about to hit their capacity limits. Plus, on a single screen, our finance guys can quickly access any and all information about a client.
“All this makes it easier for iland to deliver and develop its IP,” says Giardina.



Monica Brink is the Director of Marketing for iland EMEA and works with customers and partners in the region to educate the market and drive adoption of iland’s enterprise cloud services. Monica has worked across the globe in Europe, the Middle East and the US with Microsoft, BMC Software, Meeza and iland and is currently based in the United Kingdom.