A VMware hybrid cloud should be thought of as more than just a sum of on- and off-premises infrastructure. It’s a mode of operation where public cloud resources are easily consumed and integrated into the day-to-day operations of an organization. VMware is delivering a true hybrid cloud by focusing on the connective tissue between your data center and public cloud infrastructure through a set of hybrid services that simplify the integration of those resources and accelerate adoption of the public cloud. By focusing on these hybrid services, we can help you achieve their public cloud objectives ahead of schedule and ahead of budget.


Driving Consumption and Growth

The invention of the first satellite phone was a marvel of technology, but it initially struggled for wide adoption. And now many of us have anxiety if we forget our smartphones at home. Compared to earlier generations of mobile phones, the smartphone has become a piece of technology that has become ubiquitous in the digital age. So what changed?


One of the key reasons for the universal adoption of smartphones was the creation of applications that leverage the underlying smartphone hardware. Most phones today have a camera, but applications like Instagram and Snapchat are leveraging those technologies to prompt users to take pictures of everything they see.


Similarly, many organizations are setting goals to move a percentage of workloads to the public cloud over the next few years. These goals are driven initiatives such as the shifting staff from data center maintenance to support for business projects, moving from traditional capital planning and hardware refresh cycles to infrastructure on demand, and more agile IT models that are more responsive to changing market demands. Yet, even with the wide availability of public cloud options, many organizations are still waiting to adopt the public cloud at significant scale.


VMware vCloud Air is changing the way our customers consume public cloud infrastructure. With a focus on delivering a secure, scalable hybrid cloud architecture, combined with our unique set of hybrid services, we are seeing organizations grow from less than a hundred virtual machines in vCloud Air to more than 1,000 within a one-year timeframe. Our solutions are making the public cloud a reality for our customers and helping them to exceed their cloud journey goals.


Hybrid Cloud Architecture

With a focus on the key use cases of Data Center Extension, Data Center Replacement, and Disaster Recovery, the vCloud Air team has been working closely with customers to understand their specific challenges with cloud adoption. Out of this collaboration, we have developed a highly secure and scalable architecture that easily integrates with existing data centers.


Next week, on 3/9, we will be sharing two key components of this hybrid cloud architecture in our live, virtual event: A New Era In Public Clouds. Learn how you can support your company’s cloud journey needs with vCloud Air, and how our new developments can help you to get to the public cloud securely, and faster than previously imagined.


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