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Tweetosphere Lights Up: #LongLiveVCD

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of VMware vCloud Director® 8.20 and the tweetosphere lit up with comments (#LongLiveVCD). They came from around the world (Islamabad, Italy, Nigeria). And they came from experts inside VMware and outside (Gajendra Ambi at EMC, Olya Moskovchenko‏ at StarWind Software, Anthony Spiteri‏ at Veeam Software, Pranay Jha at IBM, to name just a few).

Daniel,‏ @danielndirangu, echoed many tweeters’ thoughts:


Release of VCD 8.20 reconfirms VMware commitment to VCD development and support. VCD is here to stay! #LONGLIVEVCD


And this one:

#vCloud Director is the power that operates @VMwareHOL @VMworld. Imagine what it can do for a #Cloud #ServiceProvider #LongLivevCD
Boskey‏, @boskey, all things vCloud Director


To explain what Boskey means, we’ve gathered together just a few of the tweets and organized them around three key objectives that VMware vCloud® Air™ Network service providers can achieve with version 8.20.   


Rapid Monetization of New Services

Tweeters focused on how VMware NSX® capabilities in vCloud Director can be exposed and consumed in a multitenant, self-service fashion, which means service providers can make more money, with new pricing and packaging. How much? By 1.5 to 2 times over a 36-month period.


The main reason I ❤ vCD? There’s no better multitenant (end2end) solution available. So much good stuff coming. #LongLiveVCD

Bob Motanagh,‏ @b0rbb, VMware senior consultant NSX by day, VCD superhero by night


Released: vCloud Director SP 8.20 with HTML5 Goodness! — via VIRTUALIZATION IS LIFE! http://dy.si/oWwnH

Peter Malyon, @itpmal


Along with Peter, Mavenmadcap Solution,‏ @MavenmadcapSol, and Pranay Jha‏, @ImPranayk, technical solutions architect at IBM, chimed in with similar praise for the new release. While others gave a shout out to NSX capabilities as well.


sitspak: https://goo.gl/T8wMPh  VMware: RT boskey: #vCloudDirector and #NSX are even better now with #vCD 8.20

Suleman Hasib,‏ @Suleman_Hasib


Excited about #vCloudDirector launch. #vCloudAirNetwork cloud providersmonetize #VMware #NSX with #vCloudDirector 8.20 #longlivevcd

Sanjay Poonen,‏ @spoonen, chief operating officer, VMware


vCloud Director version 8.20 is finally GA with better NSX integration and new tenant-based UI. #Longlivevcd #VCD http:/pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/

Yves Sandfort, VMware cloud and infrastructure architect


Nice! vCloud Director 8.20 was released today with a bunch of #NSX hookups! http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/  #runNSX #LongLivevCD #cmp

Martijn Smit‏, @smitmartijn, NSX specialist, VMware


Released: vCloud Director SP 8.20 with HTML5 …

Julo Kovac,‏ @JPerformer, virtualization solutions architect, Citrix


Radical Operational Efficiency

What would it mean for your business if you could improve your VM-to-admin ratio by three times, or save $1.35 million upfront and $250,000 in annual maintenance costs by implementing vCloud Director 8.20 instead of a custom solution? Because the vCloud Director solution delivers unprecedented levels of scalability and efficiency across shared VMware vCenter™ environments, service providers can deliver more with less.


Simona Lewis,‏ @simona_lewis, and Xinity Bot, @xinity_bot, are among the many who tweeted about the simplicity of upgrading.


#longlivevcd vCloud Director 8.20 Orchestrated Upgrade

Xinity Bot, @xinity_bot


So many of my co-workers and customers understood their own IT applications with how easy vCD lets one make lab setups.

Bob Motanagh, VMware senior consultant NSX by day, VCD superhero by night


Adopt a vCenter

With vCloud Director 8.20 and its “Adopt a vCenter” capability, service providers can retire small, low-margin vCenter servers and stop their current DIY approach of creating custom code on top of vCenter servers.


vCloud Director 8.20: VM Auto-import by @fojta #vCloud #vCloudDirector #VM https://fojta.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/vcloud-director-8-20-vm-auto-import/ … #StarWind

Olya Moskovchenko‏, scrum master, StarWind, a software-defined storage company in Massachusetts


New feature of vCD 8.20Adopt-a-vCenter and auto-import VMs! Thanks to @fojta for the blog https://is.gd/bJQvnh  #LongLiveVCD

Phil Cohen, systems engineer, VMware


More Information

Tweeters also pointed to a number of valuable resources.

For example, Stairs IT Solutions‏, @sitspak, an IT solutions company in Islamabad; Michael Desira, @michaeldesira, hybrid-cloud strategist; and Babatunde Abagun, @techdelimiter, from Nigeria; and many, many others tweeted about our vCloud Director white paper.


Good ol’ technical white paper on What’s New in VMware vCloud Director 8.20

Nelson Reyes, @nreyesv


vCloud Director SP 8.20 is out! http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/ #LongLivevCD

Anthony Spiteri‏, @anthonyspiteri, technical evangelist, @Veeam


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