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Sit Back, Relax, and Get to Know VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager

As our many customers will attest, VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM) is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to extending your on-premises data center to the cloud and migrating VMs to and from the cloud. But in order to take full advantage of Hybrid Cloud Manager, you’ll first need to become acquainted with the interface and available settings. Don’t worry though, we’ve made that step easy.


Our VMware YouTube channel is an excellent destination for information and tutorials on many VMware solutions, including Hybrid Cloud Manager. Below is a collection of recently released Hybrid Cloud Manager tutorials that we believe you may find helpful in becoming acquainted with Hybrid Cloud Manager.


Deploying VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Manager Fleet
Let’s begin with an overview of Hybrid Cloud Manager fleet deployment using the capabilities found in vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager.


This tutorial reviews the steps necessary to deploy the Hybrid Cloud Manager fleet after the initial Hybrid Cloud Manager deployment. The Hybrid Cloud Manager plugin allows users to easily set up VMs with only a few steps, radically shortening deployment times. With Hybrid Cloud Manager fleet successfully deployed, users are ready to take full advantage of its many exciting features.


Stretching a Layer 2 Network with Hybrid Cloud Manager
The communication between VMs at your local datacenter, and the VMs found within the vCloud Air environment is critical to the effective execution of enterprise workloads. Fortunately with Hybrid Cloud Manager, users can easily stretch networks across datacenters and the cloud.

After following the steps highlighted in the video above, existing VMs will now be able to communicate within the same broadcast domain whether they be on-premises or within the vCloud Air environment.


Performing a Zero Downtime Migration within vCloud Air
The holy grail of VM migration – zero downtime. With Hybrid Cloud Manager and vMotion, users can easily migrate running VMs to vCloud Air without downtime, avoiding the usual disruptions often associated with cloud migrations.


Once the migration is complete, be sure to check the uptime of the VM that was moved – voila! no downtime!

Security Policy Migration Between NSX and vCloud Air
If migrating VMs is one dimension to be considered, securing those VMs is an important second. Hybrid Cloud Manager allows users to quickly transfer existing NSX security policies to vCloud Air. See the video below and follow along.


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