By: Rob Engle, Director, Technical Marketing | Product Marketing – vCloud Air


Moving to the cloud has never been easier. There are many solutions available that allow companies to get started with the public cloud quickly. The tough part; however, comes with the initial task of choosing a cloud option that’s right for you.  If your company is just starting their move to the cloud, this can be extremely overwhelming. Whether you have been given a mandate to reduce cost by moving workloads to a cloud provider or are finding that lines of business are already using cloud, it is now up to you and the IT team to figure out how to deploy and support the cloud.

Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, there are some key considerations to keep in mind when preparing for a cloud move. We are helping many of our customers navigate these choices arming them with the right questions to ask. Below are a few of those considerations to keep in mind. I’ll use the experience of house hunting as a useful analogy.



Think about researching your move to the cloud like buying a new house. You wouldn’t buy a house without deciding your needs. Do you need 2 bathrooms, or 4? A big backyard, or no backyard? Only after you’ve mapped all that out, can you be ready to move. And with any move, the more prep work you do, the smoother the move will be. Moving your applications to the cloud is no different.

Learn how to evaluate your needs and translate that into picking a cloud provider that fits your needs. Have you ever performed a dependency mapping of your environment to understand the traffic flow of your applications?  This can be essential to a painless and carefree move.


Location, Location, Location

Just like your choice in a house, cloud location is key. Do you want to live in a neighborhood or would you rather have a large expanse of land with no neighbors? There is nothing wrong with either choice, you just have to know what most appeals to you and then focus accordingly. The same type of considerations apply to cloud.

Every cloud provider has a “sweet spot”, by that I mean something, or a set of things, they do well. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is a cloud or a combination of clouds that are right for you.  Some cloud providers are great for developers, others have carved a niche with containers. Do you just want to extend your current software defined data center, completely replace an older data center infrastructure and get out of the Capex business, or are you looking for a disaster recovery location? Do you need a cloud provider to build new apps, or are you wanting to move existing traditional apps to the cloud? Each cloud provider brings something different to the table, and we can help you determine the right location for your apps.



Now that you have found a location for your applications,  how do you get them to the cloud?  Which moving company do you go with?  Is it going to be five of your friends with trucks and a few pizzas and beer, or do you need an official moving company?

There are many ways to move your applications to the cloud, but which one is best for your business and your team?  Is there a way to connect to a cloud provider and have it look like an extension of your existing network?  Can the cloud provider you choose meet your PCI or network security needs?


Moving Day

It’s go time! All your prep has led you to this day.  It’s finally time to move your workloads to the cloud.  Do you feel prepared?  Do you have all your questions answered?

Join us for the webcast “Deep Dive: Extending to the Cloud” on March 23rd at 9:00am PST to get the above questions answered (and more). Learn what you need to consider when considering migration tools, disaster recovery and network needs. We’ll help you understand all the considerations you need to think about as you build your plan for moving to the cloud.