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How Horizon® 7 Is Helping the Enterprise Scale Digital Workspaces

We are back again with another edition of our monthly vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (or vCAT-SP) blog series! On the third week of every month, we take the time to publish a new article in our ongoing series. Each installation highlights helpful documents designed to assist you in building superior cloud solutions and taking full advantage of current technologies, innovative tools, and the recommended practices of real-world enterprises.


To bring you up to speed, a collection of our latest vCAT-SP blog series posts:

In this month’s post we will be diving into VMware’s Horizon®7 solution with our latest white paper, Architecting the Digital Workspace for Service Providers with VMware Horizon® 7. This is vitally important when ensuring your company’s success delivering digital workspaces across data centers, and subsequently scaling those services.


While we will save the nitty gritty for the eBook, Horizon 7 is particularly exciting because it offers VMware users a “building block” approach to managing multi-tenancy digital workspaces. This feature allows enterprises to navigate the challenges of growth, while minimizing support costs and deployment risks.


The white paper summarizes in depth the numerous benefits offered by the adoption and implementation of Horizon 7 including:

  • Fully managed digital workspace architecture allowing tenants to provide single sign-on, SaaS applications and Windows applications via a dedicated, branded organization application catalog.
  • A repeatable design tailored to organizational requirements, that can be delivered to multiple enterprise users.
  • The foundational “building block” design with add-on app services for Identity Manager, VMware App Volumes™, User Environment Manager, and VMware ThinApp®.
  • And finally, tenant solution monitoring and reporting with VMware vRealize® Operations™ for Horizon.


One important distinction Horizon 7 makes from its competitors is the use of a Cloud Pod Architecture, allowing tenants to scale within or across single and multiple data centers to meet the requirements of mobile workers or disaster recovery (DR) needs. This Pod, or block, approach is particularly attractive for implementations that start small, but plan to scale later on.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.30.35 PM


VMware’s Horizon® 7 promises cloud architects and consultants a holistic EUC solution designed for a single tenant and the unique capabilities often in demand by the modern enterprise. Pound for pound, Horizon® 7 is the complete solution for the needs of enterprise digital workspaces today.


To learn more, follow the link here to view or download the white paper.


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