It’s World Backup Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of data, the increased value it brings to our lives, and the importance of ensuring that it’s protected should the unexpected happen.


Everyday computer users aren’t the only ones who need to be reminded to protect their applications and data. Even savvy IT folks often overlook the need to protect workloads in the cloud in addition to the workloads they run on-premises.


But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You can ensure data protection in your VMware vCloud Air® environment with vCloud Air Data Protection, an optional backup and recovery feature for Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud instances – and get the peace of mind protection you deserve.


Data Protection is an agentless, self-service, policy-driven backup and recovery service with image-level backups. It helps ensure that all operating system, file system, and application data residing within a virtual machine are captured as a snapshot image before committed to backup media. With this self-service backup feature, you can fully embrace the public cloud and deploy critical applications without worrying about data loss.


And, Data Protection is comparable to private enterprise backup and recovery operations environments, with default policy attributes that support a guaranteed service level for backup and recovery objectives without imposing excessive administrative burden on IT Operations staff. Now that’s a reason to celebrate every day.

In addition to Data Protection, VMware offers a portfolio of vCloud Air availability services including vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, and the newly launched vCloud Air Dedicated Disaster Recovery solution, which combines vCloud Air services such as Dedicated Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Manager, and vSphere-based replication to deliver a customized enterprise-centric solution.


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