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Leveraging VMware vSAN for Highly Available Management Clusters

Welcome to the latest edition of our vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (vCAT-SP) blog series! The third week of every month, we publish a blog in our series around vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers – a set of reference documents designed to help you construct a superior working cloud solution leveraging current technologies, recommended practices, and innovative tools that have been proven in real-world enterprises.

Previously, in our vCAT-SP blog series, we’ve focused on:

Today’s vCAT-SP blog focuses on Leveraging VMware vSAN for Highly Available Management Clusters.

As service providers know, the VMware vCloud Air Network is a global network of 4,000+ cloud service providers across 100+ countries that offer cloud and hosting services founded upon VMware cloud software platform. Through the vCloud Air Network, service providers are enabled to provide world-class cloud services to their tenants, building and packaging tailored offerings to win in their respective markets.

The Cloud Management form is the management foundation for vCloud Air Network providers. It includes a critical set of integrated components to deliver a resilient environment for vCloud services and provides a powerful management instrument.

In an ecosystem such as the vCloud Air Network, one critical component of every architecture that requires top priority care in design is the underlying storage infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed and built to provide the performance and reliability required for designated service levels.

In this paper, you’ll discover the key benefits for the use of a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution, in this case, VMware vSAN, which include:

  • Infrastructure cost reduction by means of replacing dedicated traditional storage devices
  • Reduced management complexity thanks to the native integration of vSAN and VMware vSphere
  • Granular policies to tune performance and storage consumption based on a per-workload basis

For service providers involved in planning, designing, deploying, and operating vCloud Air Network solutions, or if you’re interested in looking at the benefits of cloud solutions powered by the vCloud Air Network, this vCAT-SP document is worth your time.

To learn more, click here to view the vCAT-SP document.

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