There’s no better time to upgrade your data center to vCloud Director 8.10, the latest version of our management solution for multi-tenant cloud environments. Released in May 2016, Version 8.10 of vCloud Director offers an enhanced architecture and new features that provide a more flexible and comprehensive platform for delivering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions on the hybrid cloud.

This blog post – part one of a two part series – will make the case for why vCloud Director 8.10’s feature updates are critical to the next iteration of your data center. Below we’ve outlined three key reasons to upgrade to vCloud Director 8.10:

  • Increased UI Functionality: Unlike versions 5.5 and 8.2, vCloud Director 8.10 allows users to access features directly through the UI, achieving full parity with the vCloud Director REST API. As a result of this update, Version 8.10 allows admins to limit the number of VDCs that can be created in an organization, engage tenant throttling and define VDC template characteristics directly from the UI.
  • VM Affinity and Advanced VM Settings for Enhanced Performance: vCloud Director 8.10 leverages the VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler utility at the compute cluster level to distribute VMs in an organization’s data center in a way that complies with affinity or anti-affinity rules set between VMs. This enables multiple VMs to remain on the same VMware ESXi hosts, or to be split among ESXi hosts.
  • UI-supported VCD access controls: When users are added at an organizational level, access to VDCs in the company’s profile is either all in or all out. vCloud Director 8.10 enables restricted user access to specific VDC within an organization’s data center through the brand-new VDC Permissions API feature. With this new functionality, a VDC can now be set to shared, meaning that even if a “control list” exists for a specific VDC, it can be overruled.

New online resources and VMware Education training makes it even easier to upgrade to vCloud Director 8.10. The vCloud Director Products Page offers a wealth of information for those new to the solution, including the vCloud Director 8.10 Technical White Paper, and a selection of case studies showcasing some of our latest success stories.

Now available on VMware’s Solutions Exchange Portal, the vCloud Director Compatibility Guide lists products built by members of VMware’s Independent Software Vendor program that are compatible with the vCloud Director 8.10 update, streamlining the vendor selection process. We have also launched a new vCloud Director Fundamentals course focused on showcasing all version 8.10 has to offer through 3.5 hours of self-paced learning.

Earlier this year, VMware hosted a five-day BETA training course for service providers that went through the ABCs of vCloud Director 8.10, focusing on designing, installing, configuring, and managing the updated software, as well as interfacing vCloud director with other systems through APIs.  The BETA course is available for registration through

Be sure to check back next week for more reasons why you should upgrade to vCloud Director 8.10!

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