In this bold, new era of IT, enabling mobility and digital transformation is more important than ever. Together with VMware, vCloud Air Network service provider Claranet is helping to enable this.logo-1

Claranet, founded in 1996, is a Managed Service Provider specializing in network and hosting applications. With 18 offices, 35 hosting sites, and 1,200 collaborators spread over 6 countries, Claranet has become a major player in managed services. A European leader in hosting and outsourcing services for critical applications, Claranet combined expertise with VMware to offer software publishers better support in their digital projects.

Debating whether or not to launch into Software-as-a-Service, Akuiteo, a leading software management platform for service companies, remained unconvinced as of a few years ago – citing market conditions as not ideal. So they started with the first stage and hosted their solutions. It took off immediately. Akuiteo then got prepared from a contractual, hosting, and technical point of view. Once SaaS became operational, they were ready to go.


Given the needs of their customers and their high expectations, Claranet was the obvious choice for Akuiteo. Akuiteo needed a private cloud solution with a high level of managed services, and above all, a provider that was well-acquainted with the publisher world. From the start, Akuiteo’s collaboration with Claranet was fruitful – they didn’t merely offer technical solutions, they helped build Akuiteo’s SaaS package from a contractual, technical, and pricing point of view.

Planon, a software company specializing in the management of building maintenance, is also able to attest to the benefits provided by the solutions offered by Claranet and VMware.


Claranet offered to implement a DevOps platform for Planon – a perfect match with the methodology Planon had in place for years. Tackling issues developers faced, Claranet relied on VMware’s rich API features.

“There are numerous advantages of migrating to a DevOps platform for a software publisher. First, it provides benefits from a continuously updated solution while we make ‘fixes,’ improvements or even innovations in the software. The second benefit relates to improved solution reliability thanks to greater flexibility in applications that can be deployed scalably, on the fly, and in several minutes. Finally, clients will also be able to benefit from the scalability of this solution and to provide support during client change.”

-Sebastien Lachevre, Director of Development and Operations, Planon France

“We have been working in close collaboration with VMware for many years, which enables us to meet our clients’ demands but also to provide them with the benefit of unique functionality in terms of automation and orchestration.”

-Olivier Beaudet, Chief Executive, Claranet France

Watch the videos below to hear the full story of Akuiteo and Planon’s enablement of digital transformation:

Together with VMware, Claranet continues to push forward and enable digital transformation for software publishers like Akuiteo and Planon.

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