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Clever Devices is a leading transportation technology provider in North America providing many public transit systems with better fleet control, better fuel economy and better insights into the communities they serve. Through both hardware and software, Clever Devices services over 250 transit agencies across the North American continent.

However, one of the biggest challenges Clever Devices faced was its ability to introduce and scale new solutions, especially cloud based solutions, for customers needing 24/7 mission-critical application support. For them, procurement would take too long and approval from municipal transit agencies, who must take public safety into account, took even longer.

For a while, Clever Devices turned to colocation solutions. They worked, but only after significant investments in time, money and personnel. John Locascio, Director of IT Implementation for Clever Devices, realized the better solution was with VMware – John and his team wanted somebody who could offer VMware-based cloud services, as many customers of Clever Devices were already utilizing VMware infrastructure within their data centers.

The question, however, was how to get VMware through a trusted, capable service provider. That’s when Clever Devices discovered Neverfail, a service provider offering VMware-based services in the vCloud Air Network.

With Neverfail and VMware, Clever Devices was armed with the technology it required to safely deliver new, innovative solutions to its clients at scale.

“The on-demand infrastructure-as-a-service Neverfail provided us allowed us to go to market with expansion and new solutions to our customers faster than if we had to go through the procurement process,” Locascio said. “Utilizing VMware and Neverfail, we were able to spin these up in day and hours, as opposed to weeks and months.”

And because Neverfail runs secure data centers for its customers, Clever Devices doesn’t have to worry over security as much.

Clever Devices, Locascio says, relies on Neverfail to stay up-to-date on the latest data center technologies, such as Software Defined Data Center. One technology the transit provider is looking forward to using is VMware’s virtualized network platform, VMware NSX.

Clever Devices could’ve gone with any large-scale cloud provider. Instead, they chose to create a forward-looking partnership with Neverfail. Now they’re pushing out better solutions faster than ever, and are winning their customers’ admiration for it.

To learn more about Neverfail and their collaboration with VMware, watch this video.

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